Monday, April 4, 2011

Wisdom hides in the strangest places...

Having a teenager is an experience that gives great opportunity for prayer. We are learning as we go, and recently, we have learned to simply let go.  Reminding ourselves, yet again that our son(s) belong to God, not us, and we can train, guide and pray but ultimately their choices are their own. 

I've prayed more specifically in recent weeks.  I've felt a little desperate. Okay, ALOT desperate.

God has answered our prayers. Isn't He awesome like that.  We pray, He answers, We're shocked. 

I'm thankful that at least for this week, the answers came quickly.  I know, from experience that many times the answers come over months or years.  And I'm not fooled that it will be smooth sailing from here on out.  I've got too many boys and too many years to make that assumption.  But,  I am trying to remember my job is to train them in the ways of the Lord- and He will speak to them, in their quiet times together.  My son has access to God's wisdom, and he doesn't need me, for him to hear from God. 

I let go,  and God worked.  I wonder how many times I've gotten in the way because I couldn't or wouldn't let go. 
I always play in my head, Sheila Walsh saying "God, will I still love you if he isn't okay" in reference to her son Christian.  We were at a Women of Faith event.  The words pierced my soul, because I have wondered that so often.  The right answer is Yes.  But I got to tell you, sometimes it is difficult to keep on loving God when our world is falling apart.  I didn't say it was right- but I'm just keeping it real, and I can't be the only one who has to re-declare to God that YES, even in this storm, even if you don't answer me, I will still love you. 

And I'm so thankful that His love is unconditional towards me, not dependent on anything I do. 

So much to be thankful for, including
1000 Gifts #277-291
  • the sleepy eyed sweetness of early morning risers
  • my sister, Nae, who spent all day with me recently, helping me update my blog, letting me vent, sharing our favorite soda's and just being, well sisters.
  • last minute dinner with Keith &Jill,
  • further surprise getting to dine with Daniel & Whitney, and
  • sweet Allie who kept our boys
  • everyday heroes
  • Shayne wanting to spend his Saturday afternoon with me and his brothers
  • fun family movie time
  • hearing my husband sing to me, all the way to work
  • stepping out of the shower and hearing the birds singing
  • how God seemed to play peek-a-boo with the sun and clouds on Saturday, with raindrops in sunshine dancing periodically through the day
  • the peace of God that passes all understanding
  • a judge who cares more about the children's best interest in his courtroom, than biological parents rights
  • the funny things my boys say- like "hers off the hook" and telling me they want JJ to be their mommy, you know, cause I'm so mean.
  • my momma's Saturday am phone call

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