Sunday, April 3, 2011

Heroes & a Coward on a Sunday Afternoon

It was a typical Sunday- we rushed to get to church,  worship, praise and preachin' and then off to lunch.  It got a little different when we pulled off the I81 ramp at Thirlane, en route to El Torreo to meet Teri & JJ. 

Immediately we saw him.  A stranger laying face down in the middle of the road, his puppy barking hysterically, his motorcycle crashed.  The accident had just happened.  I got out of the van and rushed over, calling 911. A few other people were running towards him as well.  As they relayed the information to me, and I relayed it to the 911 operator, it became clear this was a hit and run.  Several people saw the white Ford pickup hit the motorcycle, sending the driver about 20 feet from his bike. The driver of the truck sped off.  Coward.

I completed the 911 call.  The operator told me they were sending an ambulance, and putting out an APB on the truck.  The couple  in the car in front of us had gotten the puppy calmed down, and took him to the man's side. The man was more concerned about his puppy than himself.  It seemed the puppy was more concerned about his owner. 

About the time the police arrived, so did another man.  The man had seen the accident and followed the white truck, taking down the license plate, and then came back to give a statement and let the police know where the truck was parked.  Hero!

The motorcyclist was injured, but we don't know how extensively.  He was taken by ambulance to the hospital, and his puppy was able to ride along with him. 

I'm glad the heroes out numbered the cowards today.

We went on to lunch, and finished our Sunday as planned.  We were delayed a bit, but for the two motorists, their lives were changed today.  I can't help but wonder where they are tonight.... hospital?  Jail?

I'm praying for both of them, and thanking God their are still people who aren't afraid to do the right thing.

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  1. Oh my! It is heartwarming to know that there ARE still people who WILL do the right thing but unfortunate that sometimes it takes a horrible event for people to do so. Prayers for all involved (including the puppy).


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