Friday, April 22, 2011

The Hard Love in 5 minutes?

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Isn't all love hard?  As I ponder, quickly, the loves in my life, they all come with a cost.  Some more than others.  Families- hard love.  Birthing my son- a cost of 8 years of waiting, and then 9 months of respectful praying out of fear of loosing, then 16 years of raising.  Teenager love- is just hard.  And my younger boys- love born out of adopting.  Now, that's a different kind of hard love.  I don't even have time to go into that.  And my precious husband- almost 25 years of hard love.  Learning and failing and loving more. Loving better.  Then, there's the friendships- the closest friends I have, the ones who've been around since elementary school and we survived each other.  That  love has been hard.  Through thick and thin- cancer, bankruptcy, miscarriage to name a few.  And the greatest love of all, Jesus' love for me.  And even in my loving Him which should be so easy, but it is hard.  Hard because I'm human flesh, full of sin.  I want to love Him perfectly, but I don't.  In all cases, the love is worth the hard.  I wouldn't give up any of them, for an easy road.  In the hardness is where the sweet is found, the precious and the unconditional.  

I can't help but thinking of Jesus today, and how He lay down his life for me, voluntarily because he loved me hard.  I'm so thankful!


Happy Easter!

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