Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday Elijah

This boy...

loves to entertain
has just discovered Backyardagains and can work the Wii to get them on Netflix
is NOT a morning person
thrives on praise and positive reinforcement
will eat most anything, but still likes tomatoes and chicken nuggets best
is learning to read, and write sentences and is actually taking spelling tests in Kindergarten
prefers it when it's Daddy's night
likes to wear two shirts at a time
enjoys playing with Christopher, his neighbor and friend
can quote his favorite movies and books, word for word
likes to help me cook
his smile eats his face up and you can't help but be drawn in by him
is funny
is serious
can be both at the same time
lost his first two teeth this year, but isn't that impressed with the tooth fairy (he's actually a bit scared of him)
wears a size 2 shoe - he's probably outgrown it, but hasn't started complaining yet
wears a size 7 jeans- 7 slim if we can find them
wears a size 6 shirt
holds you to everything you say, and sometimes even what you think :) as if a thought was delivered as a promise
is loved by his mommy, daddy and brothers more than he'll ever know

and, in addition to his impeccable style- just happens to be turning 6 years old today. 

Happy Birthday baby, I sure am glad I get to love you.

1 comment:

  1. Six years old is just crazy-talk!!

    Love, love, love you Elijah :)


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