Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Isaiah Jahdiel!

(note- I am determined to post this to celebrate my baby's birthday- but network connections are preventing photo's--- I will add those as soon as possible)

This boy...

  • still laughs like woody wood pecker when he gets tickled 
  • gives the best hugs 
  • climbs in bed with us at least 5 nights a week
  • shares his "good job" gummies earned at Occupational Therapy each Wednesday with all the ladies at the gym
  • won't eat "squishy" things 
  • has worn holes in all of his jeans, including the ones we bought less than a month ago 
  • totally frets and picks at his brother(s)
  • has a vivid imagination 
  • POUTS with all the appropriate pouting expressions 
  • tries relentlessly to move in on Shayne's girlfriend
  • holds a grudge if you hurt his feelings 
  • has decided that "messing up his hair" is a capital offense 
  • loves to color and free-hand draw 
  • says "uuuuuhhhhhhhh" with great emphasis (like his mom, shameful but true) 
  • sat on the couch today, head bowed, eyes closed, hands grasped and prayed for his brother 
  • is starting to ask "mommy, where's my sister" 
  • wears a size 2 shoe 
  • wears a size 5 shorts 
  • wears a small 4/5 shirt 
  • usually has a baseball cap on his head 
  • refers to pretty girls as "hers is hot" 
  • likes cheeseburgers better than chicken nuggets 
  • has a bad temper and can still throw a "10" tantrum
  • has to hug all his friends good-bye when we leave daycare each day 

He spent a good part of his birthday back in the car and having to share.  Two of his least favorite things, so I don't know that he'd say it has been a good birthday. But then again, he's with "mateleee" and the presents and cake are still to come.

Happy 5th Birthday Isaiah, I'm so glad I get to love you forever!
Strong-willed and all.

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