Monday, April 18, 2011

God Hugs!

It hasn't been the best of weeks.  If I was a whiner- OK, I am a whiner, so never mind.  Let's just say in the last seven days,  I've had my feelings hurt, been embarrassed and disappointed, found myself feeling a bit angry, scared and plain exhausted.  It started Tuesday and seemed to be going downhill from there.  Until Friday night.

When, as my Daddy God so often does, He used all the mess I call my life to stop me still.  To cup my face in His hands and smile at me.  Big smiles.  He did that through Priscilla Shirer's teaching and His own words.  And in the place of silence, and stillness I felt His embrace. 
Can I just say it feels so good when God hugs you. 
He found me underneath the big tree, feeling a bit overwhelmed again.  And He spent some time, just loving on me.  And being my Daddy.  

And, while He was holding my face, I heard Him say shut-up. OK, He didn't really say shut-up, He said "hold your peace" but that seemed too polite for what I needed to hear Friday night.  I just heard shut-up.  Check it out- Exodus 14:13-14

(Robin's paraphrase)
The Lord is doing stuff, do not be afraid and stand still.
Shut up and let God do the battle. 

So I reflected on those things that had me sad, mad, embarrassed and scared. 
Was I fearful ?(yeah)
Was I being still to see what the Lord was doing? (nope)
Was I silent?  BIG sigh, moving on. 

God's sweet conviction, because He just loves us so much.

He will deliver me. He will fight for me.
So this week, I'm going to pour over these verses some more, meditate on the spiritual principles and keep asking God if I'm believing what He says here.  

One of Priscilla's quotes that's just too good not to share-
"God doesn't speak to be heard, He speaks to be obeyed." 

Am I obeying? 

Continuing on with thanking Him for all things...
1000 Gifts #312-329

  • Isaiah's bouquet welcoming me home, and the "I love you mommy" that came with it
  • the cute girl I met from Bluff City TN, and how her accent made me miss my Daddy & Mom Barbara
  • protection for my wandering mom-in-law
  • it's not Alzheimer's
  • the new monitor at work, I can see, I can see
  • 24 hours of girl time @ Going Beyond
  • my hubby's support of girl time
  • protections through storms- emotional & actual weather storms
  • shared passions and burdens with my prayer partner and fellow foster/adoptive momma
  • new Capri's that are too big, before I ever wore them
  • little hands grasped so tight around my neck, I literally can't move
  • playing with my teenage son, even if I let him win.. (wink)
  • kids winter clothes stored, summer clothes folded and put away in time to pack for vacation
  • heated fellowship with my husband - that was overheard by "bottom answering" the cell phone .....oh be careful little mouth what you say
  • the over-hearers who happened to be family who will lovingly remind us of our now "shared" conversation 
  • getting to share a bit of my testimony at work

  • catching the eye of my Teri during communion yesterday, a quick hug accompanied with her gentle reminder that I was going the wrong direction, and instantly remembering 100's of reasons why I love her and thank God for her
  • Booger's birthday and once more celebrating with family
 Had a God hug lately?  

Leave me a comment and let me know what 'ya thankful for?

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