Monday, April 11, 2011

At the airport, and more.

It had been a long day, My last day in OH meeting and training with my new team.  I woke up feeling very nauseous.  I prayed that I wouldn't puke in front of people I'd just met.  God was kind to me, and by noon I was feeling better.  We finished up our meetings and headed to the airport. 


Not since my lumpectomy, have I had such close encounters with TSA wands.  Back then, it was due to the chip implanted to mark abnormal cell growth.  Try explaining that one to strangers.  With that problem solved with my mastectomies, I have avoided the extra security for a while now.

I am happy to report that I now have first hand experience with the new full body X-Ray scan.  I stood on the brown feet like they told me to and made a triangle with my fingers over my head, elbows bent. I did feel a little violated but since I couldn't see the person inside the box who was checking me out, I survived it without "freaking out" until...

.....until he directed me to another set of brown footprints where the other TSA agent responded to her earpiece and informed me she needed to pat down my arm.  OK.
Then, she asked me to reveal what was in my upper left pocket.  I thought it was a few dollar bills, turned out it was two dimes.  Oh, that's why they're checking me out.  I thought showing them to her would be sufficient.  Not that simple.  She patted down my left arm again, feeling from pit to wrist, and ran her fingers under my watch band.  Really. 
Okay- now it had to end. 


She informed me that she would need to pat down my left leg, while I held the two dimes in my hand where she could see them.  I was  a little shaken by the pat down which in my opinion was a little too intimate and a little more than my leg. 

She continued to listen and respond to her earpiece and eventually gave me the okay to gather my things;  and I was free to regain my dignity. 

I figured that was the highlight of my night, until we got to Charlotte.  Just before boarding the plane to come home, I visited the ladies room.  On the way in, I noticed the table set up, almost like a yard sale with all sorts of products including mouthwash, toothbrushes, feminine products and gum.  I know, gum? Oh, and a tip jar.  I thought it odd, but didn't see anybody so I went on in.  About the time I found my seat, the show began. 

Precious ladies, I heard her yell... 
Precious Ladies
thank you for stopping by
precious ladies
If you are in need of
precious ladies
let me know what I can help you with

I was cracking up.  Talk about a tough job.  Trying to encourage strange women to tip you for gum in a bathroom.  Over constant flushing.  

I'm thankful...

  • I don't do public speaking in the ladies restroom
  • the intimate rub-down at security and the reminder that while I am not a threat, they are protecting me from others that may be
  • safe landings
  • children learning independence
  • getting to put my make-up on without interruption - two days in a row
  • ducks playing in outdoor fountains
  • hazelnut lattes - grande
  • trying new foods in new places
  • comfy, fluffy down bedding to keep me warm when my hubby can't 
  • not throwing up in Mason
  • people watching and the reminder of God's creativity in creating us 
  • my 4 year old's request for me to pray he will stop sneezing 
  • not having to lug my laptop home every night anymore 
  • that my mom taught me manners
  • my husband's strong voice and gift for singing, and that he uses that gift to honor God
  • welcome home hugs
  • thunderstorms, and snuggling my kids to calm their fears during said storms
  • the smells of summer and fresh cut lawns
  • best friends celebrating 23 years of marriage
  • God's relentless pursuit of making me more like Him 
Finding gratitude in everything- the good, the bad and the ugly is addictive.  The more I look for reasons to thank God, the more I find.  And, things that might have made me angry, now give me new reasons to thank Him.

Thousand Gifts #291-311

What 'ya thankful for?

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