Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts- totally random!

Woke up with Weight Watchers weigh-in on my mind- the great dilemma? Do I wear jeans or dress up for work?  I chose to dress up.  Don't know about the scale- but my clothes are definitely looser!

Favorite penguin shirt was clean, so picking out clothes for the littles was a piece of cake this morning.  Speaking of cake, yes - my boys had chocolate cupcakes with their sausage biscuit and cereal for breakfast.

Succeeded in getting kids to school on time; trying to avoid any more letters about Roanoke County's concern over my child's attendance.  Apparently, 1- 5 minutes tardy IS a big deal whether the flag is flying or not.  Don't they know that for 5ALLENZ,  5 minutes late is really on time.

Finally was able to get an answer on what Sheetz's Featured Flavor is.  Thanks Ms. Pat for telling me it's Vanilla Bean.  Sorry Starbucks- Sheetz large size cup with featured flavor- 4 Splenda packets, 1/2 & 1/2 and 2 Caramel Macchiato makes for a perfect morning cup of Joe.

The prayer requests on Victory FM this morning- while no names were given for most, could fit most people I know.  Search of jobs, failing marriages, life battles with cancer- children praying for wisdom on decisions regarding their parents, salvation for family members, custody battles and death.  I found myself thankful for my struggles.

Great day at work- learning new things and helping people with tasks.  I do thrive on success.

Surprise lunch with my favorite sister- Olive Garden.  I chose wisely but still ate, knowing I would weigh in later in the afternoon.

Decided to surprise oldest son with new bike.  Hubby let me call and tell him.  Mom points- SCORE!

On to WW- weigh in.  I lost 1.6 lbs (a second time, smiling) and Rex lost 1.4!  Yippee!  Slow but steady wins the race.

A quick stop for Diet Coke and Diet Mtn. Dew- proved entertaining.  Watching the "lottery people"line up, especially the 70 something lady in the fancy Cadi;  who stepped out in her slippers.  She was carrying a tidy envelope filled with her $20 bill and loosing lottery tickets from previous tries.  I wondered if her envelope was Dave Ramsey approved.  Not! 

Dinner with my honey @ Canes & Walkers.  That's K&W Cafeteria, in case you wondered.  Then on to celebrate how much we, me and hubby, are liking each other these days.

Evening trip to Starbucks to use our gift card from SIZZLE.  We wished we had gone to Sheetz instead. (see above)  

Quick visit with Iris.  Should spend more time with her.  Should spend more time with Mom.  Maybe with new job, life will be a little more normal outside of business hours- I am hoping.

Now, I'm laying in bed, writing.  It relaxes me, and frees me and while I may not be too good at it, I sure do enjoy it.   

Thanks for reading!

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