Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tennessee Sunshine and Daddy Hugs!

Road Trip... home to Tennessee to celebrate my Daddy's birthday, and see my brother, sister-in-law & niece.

traveling is much easier since they are a few years older- and the DS helps too.
of course!
the gas pumps have TVs now... REALLY!

"No baptizing in the spa"- yes I actually told them that this morning.  The kids made friends during their after breakfast swim.  We met a really nice couple from Birmingham, who also adopted their children from foster care. Four girls- the two youngest 363 days apart, and the twin older girls. 
these boys opted for lazy over swimming.
I love this man- My Daddy!
Mom Barbara, Daddy, Me, Shayne & Isaiah
Daddy & Me!
Shayne showing Pappa Parks pictures of his deer.
(my non-scale victory.) We had lunch at a great Italian restaurant, the Gondolier.  The food was great, and while I couldn't resist the homemade bread, I WALKED AWAY from these desserts.  Thinking about them still, but didn't eat them. 

I love our visits home, life just seems to slow down here. 

We spent the afternoon sitting on the deck, in the gorgeous sunshine, just talking.  Isaiah fell asleep around 5:30pm or so, and has yet to wake up.  A quick trip to Kirkland's & Bed, Bath & Beyond for some, and a night swim for the others.  Because Isaiah was out, we opted for Panera Bread at the hotel with Keith, Angie & Erin.  All the makings for a great Saturday!  

good nite from Orange country

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