Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hard to believe it's been a week already since we went away for our Sizzle weekend. We had been on marriage retreats before and honestly, I was expecting the same 'ole same 'ole kind of weekend. I was mostly looking forward to time away with Rex- kid free.

We were most pleasantly surprised, over and over and over.

 In addition to learning some important things like:
  • our love languages (mine actually changed in the last 20 years)- I have been accused of changing furniture frequently- I guess I needed to change up my love language too.
  • our apology language- never knew such a thing existed; but I must say knowing what we need in an apology makes it easier to give one that means something
  • our personality types- we are both a "2"- we're loving people. Really. We were a bit distressed about how we could possibly have the same personality (you know us, so you know this is a little baffling for the brain) until we realized our wings are different. (you'll have to go to a Sizzle weekend to know what this means)
  • why we do the fear dance
  • the top 5 sex needs of men & women
And in the process of learning all of these things we made some new friends, drank way too much coffee, laughed a lot and simply put- had a blast.


Our room for the weekend- don't you love how the sun shines through the windows.

and the view from our door- leading to a patio and outdoor fireplace

and the saddle-ha!  I couldn't resist- it brought back memories of being a kid and pretending the arm of the couch was our horse.  Rex told me I would break the chair.  That was just rude.

the sunsets were breathtaking

the cabin

chillin out by the lake-oh, so peaceful.  And still chilly......

so we went for a walk instead.  I begged Rex to pose for a picture

or two.  This isn't our best picture, but it captures a memory

Bible verses were posted along the fences, on the benches and other places.

Our friends- Randy & Leahanne- we had a great time with them.

we realized, after we walked all the way around to the lake from the other side, that we couldn't keep walking to the cabin.  We had to walk back the way we came.  Back up the 1.7 mile driveway

not for me!  deciding to climb the fences and take a short-cut

and Leahanne, my partner in fence jumping

(we were the smart ones)

Rex and the others had to finish the long walk back 

It's a good thing we worked up an appetite.  The dinner burgers were about 1lb each- and perfectly grilled thanks to Keith & Shannon

loved sitting around the fire Saturday night; the fellowship and encouragement was timely

does this give you an idea of how beautiful the cabin is?

one of the lofts & kitchen area

do  we have to go home?

Yes! And that is okay, because after a peaceful and fun weekend with no TV, no radio, no computer and only a couple of calls to check on our kids, we were rested and ready for our reality.

Thanks to Pastor Mark and Dee- for their vision and obedience.  And to our sponsor, Ms. Elaine. 

If you get a chance to SIZZLE- we highly recommend it.  For more details, click on the link below.

Until later,

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