Monday, March 7, 2011

A look I recognize...

We were excited to be invited to celebrate with friends on Friday night.  It was an adoption party for their son. Their story started many years ago as a simple, two week commitment to show a NYC child what it was like to live in the suburbs in VA.  This little guy kept coming back summer after summer.  And with each visit, more truth was revealed.  A journey, never easy began, and last week it was final.  He has a forever family.  A family that loves God first, and will love him unconditionally. 

As Rex and I sipped coffee, watched the pictures flash on screen and enjoyed the excitement in the room, I fought tears and I remembered, and observed.  We laughed as he opened his gifts, counting each dollar and finally exclaiming- I'm going to Wal-Mart.  He sported his new wrestling belt and counted the packages of peanuts.  Simple things.  But as I stood there, I knew that behind all the smiles, and all the joy there was more to the story. 

I asked his mom how things were going.  She smiled and I immediately recognized the look in her eyes.  I knew it. I live it.  The look that says I am overjoyed, and overwhelmed.  The look that says I wouldn't trade being his mom for anything, but this joy is wrapped in the fear and exhaustion and raw emotion that the struggles he brings with him will never end.  She shared some recent conversation.  I shared her pain.  This week, I'm thankful for the connection with my friend, and so much more.   

forever families 

success on the scales

a son's dry pullup in the morning- two in a row

the sound of  pouring rain

waking up to the dread of having to finish laundry, and finding my husband did it during the night

hard kisses

yummy new recipes that just happen to be healthy

brotherly love and a family effort to get a scary job done

talking with my Daddy and being able to say, see you Friday

the soothing music that plays when I click on a Holy Experience

that when I cry, people care enough to ask why

for one week of school without notes or phone calls from the teacher to report misbehavior :)

successful surgeries for two people I love

that my kids love me, even when I yell

teenage arms offering hugs just when I need them

that every day God reminds me I don't yet fully understand His great love for me

the example my husband is setting for our family- even when I fight him on the scariness of change

Saturday sister talks

finally choosing to delay gratification instead of impulsive spending

the sweet smile on my ever shrinking mother-in-laws face

finding peace in the midst of chaos

praying in my car

long awaited organizational announcements and the excitement of new beginnings

tiny hands learning something new

what 'ya thankful for?

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