Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are you a 24/7 mom?

Stopped me dead in my tracks.  Really?  I could hear the man's voice coming from the TV asking the question, but my mind started racing and the rest is a blur. 

Is there an option?

Can you imagine saying to your kids:  OK, this week I'll be a 8/7 mom, but after 5pm you're on your own.  Or how about, I'm feeling mommish today, so you've got me until bedtime, but then I'm out of here.  Or, for  really dedicated mom's, telling your teenager, I'm ready for 24 hours, but can only commit to a few days this week.



Truth is- I love being a 24/7 mom.
Even when my minimal sleep is interrupted with my little Martin Luther announcing "I had a dream"
Or, when my 5 year old is having  a temper tantrum. 
Or, when my teenager is having a temper tantrum. 
Or, when my husband is having a temper tantrum- oh wait, wrong topic.

I'm not willing to give up a single "I love you mommy" for anything. 
And with each tantrum, comes that sweet time when they admit I was right all along. 

A mom can dream can't she?

And, who wants to chance missing times like this? 

(Elijah learning to read)

So, I'm on record,

YES, I am a 24/7 mom and proud of it.  

What's your mom hours?  Just checking.

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