Monday, February 28, 2011

Thankful for comical direction...

It was hard to get up this morning.  My throat is sore, my head hurt, my nose stopped up- and.... my little man elbowed me in the head all night.  I was tired.  And, a little grumpy. 

Since Rex was off today, he took the boys to school.  I helped get them dressed and fed; but didn't have to deal with the melt down just before walking out the door- so it's almost like a mini vacation :)

I was zoning a bit; as I exited 581 for downtown--- traffic was standing still.  ugh!  Light out- so there was a police officer directing traffic.  I didn't pay him much attention at first- I had a few cars ahead of me, so I wasn't going anywhere.  I ate my 0 Plus Points banana, and then noticed him.  The police officer.  He was actually having fun. 

Waving his arms
Making eye contact
Creating motions
Spinning around
Teasing the motorists

SMILING--- on a cloudy Monday morning. Really- he was smiling. 

I kept watching him, and it wasn't long until I was smiling.  And thinking about the choice he had this morning.  To do what had to be done- muddle through with the same old boring motions- or to spice it up a bit, and enjoy it.  I'm pretty sure there isn't a rule about having to smile and bring joy to directing traffic- but he did. 

He inspired me.  And, I was again convicted about my lack of joy as I go about my day.  So, I'm going to try and bring some fun, some comic relief to my day.  Who knows, I might inspire somebody else to smile, too.

So, as my thankful list continues, definitely topping it off today with...

the happy policeman who directed my way this morning
loosing weight, ever so slowly
my BFF's good report from the Dr.
teacher apologies
God using people to remind me I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing
a son old enough to grill steaks, and do it well
the subtle smile on the same son's face, knowing we are eating what he hunted and killed
answered prayers
watching my sons play on the hill
picnic on the tailgate- at the park- on a Sunday afternoon
the smile on Elijah's face, when he realized I would fight for him
new shoe racks
rainy Mondays

job security - even if it causes me stress
new filing cabinet- to move piles into proper places...
fresh blueberries in warm oatmeal
God's continued provision
knowing I don't have to face any more than today
walking into to work with a friend- and the 5 minute chat that we are too busy for during the day
my husband- who keeps loving me----- more
mocha frappe

What ya thankful for?

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