Tuesday, February 22, 2011


One is the loneliest number...

Unless you're in a room full of people loosing weight- then 1 lb. in 1 week is not so bad. 

Of course, Rex showed me up- he lost 8.8 lbs. to my single pounder, but I was still good with that.  I have said all week, as long as I loose something, I'd be happy. 

I even wore jeans to weigh-in, which I was told after the fact was a bad idea since that can make a 2-3 lb. difference.  When the leader told me that, I offered to take them off, but she informed me that was against their standards :)

I was so happy with the loss, I decided to forgo the celebratory cheeseburger I had been craving, and opt for a salad with chili for dinner.

I continued to be excited, until I saw the billboard entering I581 congratulating Ellie for her 3lb weight loss this week.  I wouldn't be bitter, except------Ellie

she's a dog.

BTW... I decided to weigh my jeans- just for fun! 

           1.6 lbs baby!!!!

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