Monday, February 7, 2011

Gratitude Continued

So much to be thankful for, like

Ann's book
time to read the first chapter

Sister Time....

brothers who look like sisters

and taking comfort in each

the nice lady who overheard our desperation  during intermission at the Circus; and offering for her son to escort Isaiah into the men's room avoiding the 50+ women in front of us

Psalm 145:14

shelves tall enough for my cereal boxes

fragrant smell of shampoo when hugging people I love

real communication with my man

lifetime memberships

watching the circus through my son's eyes, and hearing it through their comments

HOT donuts now

meeting work deadlines and the brief sense of relief while preparing for the next

the wonderfully awful sound of my children singing along to the radio

long honest chats with my sister

my middle son's increased confidence on the basketball court

patient Teri when I can't make up my mind

Christmas presents in February

starting my week with my laundry CAUGHT UP! 

$10 extra reward bucks from CVS

50degree February afternoons

Titus 1:2- God cannot lie, His promises are true

"I love you mommy" just because

finding a show on Netflix that my teenager wants to watch with me

anticipation of getting to see my Daddy soon- Tennessee here we come

seeing "IMPORTANT, this changed my life" written in the margins of my sons bible

what 'ya thankful for today?

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