Sunday, February 6, 2011

Circus! Circus!

I surprised Isaiah & Elijah with a trip to the circus. 
 It was especially fun when the night before  Elijah told us at dinner
" I wish we were rich and we could go to the Circus and get cotton candy" 
I smiled and got down right excited knowing that he would be there the next day.

It was also a great threat to encourage good behavior at Target, too.  

Two small kids......brothers
Two adults.......sisters
Oh what fun we had. 

Aunt Nae and Elijah- best bud's for the afternoon

Really wanted to ride the elephants!

People throwing money away

Light Sword!

yes- this is the "flush" button on the wall.... 5-6 trips to bathroom and everytime, this button impressed my boys.

Bo the Amazing Elephant

  I was a bit concerned when the cheerleader came out first and Elijah commented she should wear more clothes, then the Extreme Bicyclist joined her so the focus was no longer on her lack of clothes.

Cotton Candy before...

and after- pure sugar dripping from his mouth

Yes, Elijah got one too

boys were afraid of the clowns-- but not me.

lights lights lights

one of my favorites- he's holding her by his teeth.... impressive.

Ring Master- 6 outfit changes - hmmm, I wonder if I could pull off this look

I was unable to capture pic's of the 70+ grandpa- happily studying and playing with the light-up butterfly wand
or the multiple spilt sno-cones (on the steps)

or the very sad faces of the many adults- left to save seats

or the tigers- since we were taking another potty break

more elephants- Isaiah really liked them

I think I could do this... don't you?

I caught myself praying several times- especially with the motorcycle acts- asking God to protect them from harm.  It was purely selfish- I wasn't sure how I'd explain the crash and burn; and potential death right in front of my children's eyes. 

No disasters.  A good day! 

Thanks Aunt Nae for joing us in our chaos, and for keeping our seats safe on our many, many trips to the potty! 

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  1. You must have been on the other side! My pictures are the opposite..haha.

    Your post about the trip to school made me laugh and cry.


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