Thursday, February 10, 2011

50+ here I come

It was just a matter of time. 

At least that's what the little old ladies used to tell me when I was 6, 10, 13, 12, 16, 22.  "You just wait until you get older, you'll see"  They were referring to my weight, or lack of it.  Skin and bone is what they used to call me.  


That's what I called them.

Jealous- yep that too.

Just because they weren't skinny didn't mean I was doomed to join the  "big-boned" club when I got to be old like them.

I was never a size 0, or 2, 4 or even 6; but I was happy with my size.  (personally, I think they have begun to put lower sizes on clothes intentionally  just make us feel better.  Size 6 is the new size 2.

I'm not bitter. 
I'm not a 6.

I am a bit dizzy trying to figure out what happened?

Since my eating habits/exercise habits/life habits have not changed since I was like, 10- I have only one explanation.  Only one reason for my explosion of wisdom.  (read early blogs for explanation)


I distinctly remember telling my doctor, before the anesthesia for my hysterectomy kicked in, that I was a weeee bit worried that the surgery might cause me to gain weight. (I had read articles and heard stories- and all those bitter, jealous old ladies had hysterectomies, I'm sure)

And my fears were confirmed, when she handed me an article on "Weight gain after 40"  I knew then I was in trouble for sure.  Especially, since this was 4 weeks after my surgery and I had already gained 10 lbs. 

Ugh, Menopause!

While I am not bitter  :) really, I'm not. Wisdom continues to grow around my middle.  Soooo, I signed up for Weight Watchers today.  Yes indeed, me and my man are going to loose weight, together. So, soon we will start going on special dates----- to weigh in. Romantic isn't it? I know you're jealous.

But what a shock to find out, my wisdom weighs 50 lbs.  WHAT?  50 lbs.  

My name is Robin Allen and I need to loose 50 lbs.

It's so depressing, I should probably eat a donut or something.

I am a little excited about hitting the 50; I remember like it was yesterday, Rex getting a really cool magnet when he lost 50 lbs.  I love magnets.  (maybe I'll take his magnet and pretend)  No, that won't work, I'll still be fat. 

I'm always looking for the bright side, so I'm pretty happy the new Points Plus system gives me "splurge" points every week.  I'm thinking this will be used on something chocolate.  Willpower has never been one of my spiritual gifts.

I'm sure I'll have lots of really cool things to share with you as I begin this adventure.  An adventure I never really wanted to embark upon; but, when I am smokin hot and a size 6,   I am pretty sure I'll be glad for the journey.

Now, I have to go take a before picture and start cleaning out the snack cabinet.


  1. I don't see you as fat.. but you do make me laugh... :)

  2. All my pictures are before pics! and I am still in that before state...depressing for sure...I have 20 that I can not get rid of...maybe I should not have prayed for wisdom?! Perserverence I another day... here I come! ;-)


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