Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where is my other sock?

Thanks to Christmas presents, I have some new clothes to wear. Since the new pants I wore last Monday, sported the SIZE TAG all day, I was careful this week to remove all tags.  Instead of wearing jeans, I jazzed it up for work yesterday.  The plan was to feel professional and confident.

I grabbed my trouser socks from the closet and walked directly to the bedroom.  I dressed, but when I went to cover my feet, couldn't find one of the socks.  I looked everywhere.

Bathroom counter
Closet floor
Under the bed
In my sock drawer
On the dryer
In the boys room
The living room, kitchen and hallway

I would have accused my boys but they were in the other room with their daddy. 

Frustrated, running out of time and feeling a bit crazy, I left the lonely sock on the bed and grabbed another pair.  I finished dressing and headed to work.  During the ride, I pondered the craziness of loosing a sock during a 15 foot walk.

Upon arriving at work, I grabbed some coffee and settled in for the day.  As I went to pick up some copies, I stopped by to chat with Lauren.  She's my traveling buddy and friend.  We chatted about our weekends and the excitement of her baby girl turning one.  As we were talking, I went to rub my back (it's a little sore still from the skateboarding incident) and I felt a lump.  My mind raced to figure out how I could have such a knot, and not remember feeling it before.  Then it moved.

You know what I'm going to tell you, don't you? I discretely reached under my brand new, never worn before, static cling not a possibility sweater and pulled out the MIA trouser sock.

Don't ask me how- I can't explain it.

It did certainly make for a good laugh out loud minute with my friend.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow- I'm out of estrogen!

Laugh people- at me or with me, but Laugh!


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