Monday, January 17, 2011


What first comes to mind when you hear the word wait? 
For me, it always meant something was coming, but not yet.  Waiting on news, waiting for checks, waiting for answers. Almost like the good stuff could never be "right now"
I love Isaiah 40:31- found at the bottom of my blog.  I learned a long time ago that it isn't the mounting up with eagles that most of our days are filled with, but the walking (and trying not to faint.) But, both require waiting on the Lord.  So, I guess in my mind I always thought that meant for me to kind of be still, sit on my hands and wait for God to deliver the strength. 

Yesterday, as I sang Everlasting God, with my church family I couldn't hold back the tears. I am just in that place right now, desperately in need of God's strength.  To walk, to soar and everything in between.  Truthfully, aren't we are all in that place?

As Pastor Mike began his message, he asked if we knew what it meant to "wait" and then explained it differently than I had every heard it before. He explained it like a waitress or waiter taking our order--they wait on us.  They do whatever we ask, to please us.  WOW!  Revelation in Robin's head.  Waiting on the Lord is doing whatever He asks, pleasing Him with my obedience.  Obeying God renews my strength.

As I relate that to parenting our youngest sons who have changed our life to a new "normal" removing all that is familiar, it changes my perspective yet again.  Fostering/adopting these guys was and is our doing what we were asked to do by God.  It was obedience.  We've ALREADY waited on God- and now we can rejoice in knowing the strength is there.

On the days (all of them) when I question if I can do this... I can know that I can.  The good thing has already come.  God is my strength. 

I don't hear you shouting.  This is exciting people!  It's not just for me, this is for YOU Too!

And for this, I am so Thankful!

(1000 Gifts #72- 90)

an unexpected hug from a friend

spending a holiday day with my husband- without the kids

football in the living room

the hopeful possibilities of new responsibility charts

communication cheat sheets

movie and dinner with friends

sunshine through clouds

hearing "mommy, i love you"

life lessons

sleeping in- until 6:30 a.m.!

heart to heart conversations with my 'daughter'

God's word and learning it fresh

Zaxby's Chicken

hot showers

new mascara

smell of clean blankets out of the dryer

sarcastic smiles from my teenager

coffee by the fire, in solitude and silence

what 'ya thankful for today- share with me!

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