Friday, January 21, 2011


My baby, my sweet pea, my shaynie payne is growing up. 

The clues are endless, the room, the learners permit, the attitude, the smells. 

So, I don't know why I am surprised with each new first in his life. 


Shayne is out tonight. 

Not on a date, or with a girl.

It's just not with me, or Teri & Jay, or Aunt Nae, or Meemaw, or any adult supervision.


You see, his friend, Austin got his license yesterday.

Watching the excitement build in the last 24 hours, you'd thought they might die waiting for tonight to finally get here.  The two of them, free at last.  Free to drive to the mall for a quick dinner at Chic-fil-A and then a movie. Free to stop by the Sheetz for a Monster.  Free from us.


No biggie, right?

As always, he is on my mind, but I will not worry.

Not just because I trust him (which I do) but more than trusting my son, I trust my Daddy. (That's God, just in case you don't call Him Daddy)

i Trust God.

It isn't my fleshly nature to trust.  I prefer to fret and worry; but have learned over the years it gets me no where, but stressed out.

So, years ago when a Godly mom of many sons gave me great advice, I tucked it away in the corner of mind, for such a time as this.  I need not sit up and worry or fret when my sons are out and about.  I need not stay up into the wee hours of the morning to make sure they go to sleep before me.  I need not question his safety.  I need not do these, because I am not in control anyway.

I only need to keep trusting God.  Shayne belongs to Him, not me anyway. (we sometimes forget that too, don't we)

But, with that in mind the pressure is off of me and raising teenagers will be a piece of cake right?  

I can't hear you, a little louder.

I do love me some Shayne!

Now, let me go deal with my 4 year old, who was kicked out of the play room during play therapy this afternoon.  Seems he was a little to aggressive, throwing a hammer (toy) at his sweet therapist.  The "safe" zone wasn't safe today.  Sigh. 


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  1. Oh my WORD I can't even express how much it tickles me that he was "kicked out" of therapy. That boy. Hehe.

    TRUST :)


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