Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Taking a Chance"

I could feel my stomach knot up, when as I started to open the pretty package, Rex started with a disclaimer.

"I took a real chance on this one, it's not like anything I've ever bought you before"

hmmmm, now if that doesn't conjure up some concern I don't know what would.  My mind raced back over the years to some of the other gifts I had received.  What on earth could he have bought me.

I could see the fear of rejection as he braced himself for my reaction.

I confessed to him that I was a wee bit afraid, and continued to tear away at the paper.  My husband loves to beautifully wrap Christmas gifts for me- always tying them up with pretty bows or something special to make my gifts stand out. The wrapping never gives real hints to what is inside.  (I should probably tell him how much I like that) 

Anyway, I ripped open the gift and was immediately relieved to find that it didn't make a noise, bite, require batteries or assembly.

But I was still a little uncertain....

new boots?

or new slippers?

with this great sole, I could wear them outside, right?

  I don't do slippers.   
Except for when I was recovering from my mastectomies I don't think I've ever worn them.  It's just not me. 

I'm a socks or barefoot kind of girl. 

But, after apparently mentioning multiple times how cold my feet get in front of my big windows when I work at home, Rex decided to take a chance. 

Since they were so pretty, I decided to try them out Christmas Day. I figured if I wore them on Christmas, I wouldn't hurt his feelings, if I didn't wear them again.

 And, I wasn't the only person unsure about their purpose.  My mom asked me later that afternoon,  "Robin what have you got on your feet"

Slippers :)

  It has been about 2 weeks now.

I am  hooked. 

I am becoming a slippers girl. 

I want them on my feet constantly now.  

I think about them when I am at the office.


Isaiah thinks they're pretty cool too. 

He rubs his feet across the top.

and sneaks his feet inside.

he is so happy Daddy took a chance.

I am too. 

I'm even thinking about wearing them out- maybe I'll start with the grocery store.

Think I can get away with it?

1 comment:

  1. Slippers are the BEST!! Congratulations on finally getting with the program :) I wear them every. single. day from fall through spring. and my feet thank me regularly.

    Good job, Rex!


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