Wednesday, January 5, 2011


i was simply going out to lock the garage door

and return to the dishes

i made it to the lock with no problem but upon returning noticed the boys had left

the skateboard smack  in the middle of the garage - now that isn't safe!

i knew it needed to be returned to it's storage spot

i leaned down to pick it up and thought

"i wonder if I could ride this thing" and immediately heard a voice in my head screaming at me NO, don't do it.

i did it.

oh, did i do it.

all was fine as i stepped onto it, i should've stopped there, but nooooo, i had to actually push off with my other foot-

off i went

wow those things are fast

i knew immediately i had made a bad choice - i felt myself falling 

i made one of those split second, potentially life saving decisions

i jumped off
(kind of)

i must protect my head - (since it helps me make such good decisions and all)

i braced myself for the landing- but never really hit the ground - whew

or not 

in preventing the nasty fall i apparently put a little too much strain on my body---

so far my left side, right leg, shoulder, neck and lower back are throbbing a beautiful symphony in unison

maybe the pain won't last any longer than the ride :)

i'm getting the heating pad and some Motrin

and the moral of the story- listen to the voices in my head next time. 

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