Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Back!

I can hardly believe that December, and all the special days and memories the month brings has come and gone.   Nor, can I believe it has been so long since I last blogged.  But, I do recall mentioning on 12/13 that my upcoming week was  crazy busy.  The craziness just kept on going

Over the last three weekends, we have entertained >70 people in our home (some are repeats who came back week after week- for those people we are especially blessed to have in our lives)  We celebrated familiar traditions, and created some new ones.  It has been a great month, but I would be lying if I didn't 'fess up to the amount of stress it brought.  We experienced retail nightmares with a lost layaway which meant we had to re-shop for Santa gifts.  Some we found, some we improvised, some we ditched all together.  In the midst of the chaos, we had a couple of extra snow days.  Most people would celebrate this surprise, but for my little guys who thrive on routine, it started a ball in motion.  If we called it a snow ball- by last night it would have acquired enough size to make a snowman the size of the Empire State Building.  (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but only slight)  My kids are, as we call it, "OUT OF SORTS".  We tried to keep the routine as close to normal as possible, including continuing with weekly therapy visits and sending them to daycare.  But, with daycare closed for the holidays the beginning and end of the last two weeks, school out for Elijah and a few extra surprises we threw their way just for fun, their routine is shot and we are all feeling their pain.

We spent about 10 days thinking we would have to move the end of January (OH MY is right) and we were so relieved to get confirmation that we will be staying.  It's a long story, but the quick version is the property management company is out, the owners are managing the property on their own and in their words are "happy to have us" and have no intention of kicking us out.

On Christmas Eve, I made 15 cakes to give as gifts. I've decorated, baked, cooked & cleaned more in the last 15 days than I have in months. While I accomplished everything that had to be done, I didn't have a chance to hang out on-line.  Since writing is where I find my relaxation, I did miss it.

For New Years, we celebrated Christmas again with my side of the family.  How fun to have my baby brother, sister-in-law and niece with us for several days.  I do hope our chaos didn't scare them off.  (I get it, that it is very different having small kids around 24/7 when you are so close to empty-nesting it.  And, in all honesty our house is LOUD!!!!

I never tire of hearing my children laugh- what a treat to hear that so frequently lately.  And, to hear Isaiah declare before opening any actual gifts on Christmas morning- "this is the best Christmas ever."  He should know after all, it was his 4th.

I could go on for hours, but I'll finish by sharing some some gifts I am thankful for as we end 2010 and begin the new year.  Even in the craziness of life, the disappointments and frustrations of just living, I am continually reminded of my awesome Heavenly  Daddy, who is always with me- whispering in my ear how much He loves me- when I am feeling most unlovable. 

I am excited to see what 2011 has in store- especially knowing that He is in control and no matter what surprises me, He already has it planned out. 

(A Thousand Gifts #46-70)

that this....

 becomes this.

being on Isaiah's nice list for Santa - which means I must be doing something right.

 reaching for ice, and finding a little boy's treasure

for being able to witness the tear filled reunions at the airport as soldiers came home for the holidays

ugly sweaters and the people who wear them (to my lame party)

my sister, who in addition to puttering with me several days this month, is also a very good sport.

that my little guys overcame their phobias and fears to sing about Jesus

a fireplace repaired just in time for Christmas

my sweet mother-in-law, and the gift of every day we have with her

guitars being played, and songs sung in my kitchen by my brother-in-laws and husband on Christmas day

a white Christmas, and getting to stay home all day for the first time in 24 years

my precious boys

a love that endures....

loosing a pound even tho' I have eaten more fudge than one should ever confess too

my friend who knows my flaws and lets me vent about my frustrations, without judgement. 

Christmas coffee

grace periods

hot water lasting through bath's for two and showers for 6

Rex learning to make his mommas homemade rolls- and succeeding!

my mommas surprise goodies and fun games

celebrating the New Year with friends and family- and Sparkling Cider
sitting for hours and chatting over coffee with Keith & Angie

the excitement of a new calendar- and the rush of filling in the squares with important reminders of how full our life is

getting back to our "normal" schedule today --bahhahaahaa.

the high calling God has put on my life- the privilege to be wife and mom to 4 great people

What 'ya thankful for?   Let me challenge you to find your own 1000 Gifts. 

Happy New Year! 


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