Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Got a buck?

Sometimes, we find a treasure, and I am happy to report I recently hit the jackpot. 

I was perusing the Dollar Store (for my friends who don't have one of those in your state- it is as is seems, everything in the store is $1- jealous aren't you!) and there it was.  I had seen it advertised on TV but assumed it was a pricey luxury.  I picked it up, read the package to make sure I could operate it, and immediately decided I had to have it.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover it does what it promised. It has increased the value of my mornings. 

Curious yet?

Don't laugh!


I am not sure you are appreciating the wonderfulness of this hair wrap.  
I have spent my life trying to balance a bath towel on my head while doing an assortment of tasks. If the towel fell off, then my hair started to dry before I could blow dry it, which led to a fuzzy head of hair for the day.  If I dried my hair first, then I had to deal with it in my face while trying to apply my makeup. 
Oh, the dilemma. 
No more. 
I reach for my lightweight purple piece of luxury, twist up my hair and secure the loop in the button.  (they match, isn't that precious) before ever stepping out of the shower.  I no longer need two towels- reducing my laundry. 
And, I've tested it- whether its 5 minutes or 50- my hair stays wet, but out of the way until I am ready to dry and style it.  I have chased my boys, tied shoes, emptied the dishwasher and folded laundry and it stayed put.

Now, unlike my slippers, I am NOT tempted to go out in public with my new found treasure, it really is an at-home sort of joy, but I couldn't live with the guilt for not sharing such a wonderful find. 

So, you got a buck- go get a wrap. 
Already have one... prove it, send me your photo.  Go ahead, be brave, it's just us girls. 

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  1. I HAVE BEEN USING THEM FOR YEARS AND LOVE THEM! Thanks for the dollar store trick though, I have always bought them at Bed Bath and Beyond. Let me know how long that one holds up!


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