Thursday, January 27, 2011

A good idea...

I just love Anita.  I met her several years ago, when I organized a womens conference at RFBC and she was one of our guest speakers.  She introduced me to spanx during a downtown shopping trip.  She continues to make me laugh.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Allenz Dictionary

hearing your name announced and the crowd going wild

when your Kindergarten teacher gives up her Saturday to watch you play

confirmed for sweet Isaiah

wife burns husbands home-made rolls for dinner

whether snuggled in a child's arms, or fallen from the bed

self defined

double decker chocolate chip cookies

Monday, January 24, 2011

I will give thanks

What a blessing to give thanks.   In the midst of the chaos of my world I am learning to look for the things I am grateful for.  To find the blessings in the everyday, that if I were not intentional I might miss. 

Interestingly, the news this evening ran a story on thanking people and how thanking people changes us and makes us better people. If that's true, how much more does intentionally thanking God change us.

I look forward to Monday's and stopping by the blogs dedicated to giving thanks.  I find myself lost in the gratitude, moved to tears as I experience thanks from the eyes of my sisters in Christ.

I will give thanks.... 

for the sweetness of a feverish child

for the unselfishness of my sister, to drive over just so I could purge my frustrations

innocent questions from my children, like "does God wear underwear"

medical insurance to cover $500 in prescriptions- in one day

completed projects

double decker chocolate chip cookies

dry pull-ups in the morning (not mine people.. my children's)

songs on the radio that meet my need

Psalms and Proverbs

a signed lease

time to paint my fingernails, and have them dry


second chances

vacation planning

the un-tameable energy burst when a 4 year old's fever breaks

God, who has no problem multi-tasking on my behalf

my teenage son's wisdom

what 'ya thankful for?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A strange noise

was coming from the bedroom.

I went to investigate.

I found my teenager, teaching my 5 year old how to play X-Box WITH him.

laughter and chatter..

my sons hanging together

I think I love this strange noise, just saying

Saturday, January 22, 2011

"let's don't panic"

Typical Saturday morning.  Up out of bed way to early.   Partly because the "work" alarm went off at 4:30, and my Saturday alarm went off at 6:15.  The plan was to get up before anybody else, and be ready to go so I could give them undivided attention.   bahahah!   You'd think getting two boys dressed, fed and out the door within 1 1/2 hours would be easy.  NOT. So, today the simple task of applying mascara took me about 40 minutes.  e had a few interruptions, and with each:

1, 2, 3....10
"Go to the bench"
You're not going to get your sticker
I'm not telling you again
I asked you to come here
Where are your shoes
You're running out of time
Hands are not for hitting
"Go to the bench"
No, you can't do that right now
Get in the van

my patience grew thinner and my voice a little louder.  As shocking as this will be to most of you, cause I'm so calm, cool and collected normally, I yell at my kids sometimes. By the time we got to the van I think all four of us were yelling, and at least two were crying.  

It didn't matter that E. had 10 minutes to eat.  We had set the timer set, and made expectations clear.  He knew if he didn't eat he'd be hungry. (we've been down this road before.. daily)  It didn't matter, that instead of eating he chose to pout, and hide in his room until 1 minute was left.  So, of course when we forced him into the van instead of resetting the timer, it was our fault he was starving

I got the kids buckled in, the crying which hasn't stopped, escalates.  "Daddy, DADdy, DADDY!"  Elijah is screaming at this point, fearful he is doomed to ride to Upwards with this mean mommy and not with his perfect father.

I'm trying to explain that I am simply backing the van up so Daddy can open the door.  (two cars in the garage with stuff = no room on passenger side to open door)   If I could just get him to hush, long enough to listen.  Sigh.

I calmly (insert sarcasm) stop the van and as Rex gets in the car continue trying to reason (broad use of the word, use your imagination)with him; but its too late and everything has now escalated for Elijah to that point.  That point where he can no longer self-regulate his emotions and intervention is required to talk him down.  I am now the Intervention Specialist. 

Now, I will also confess that I'm usually on sensory overload- at least 3-4 people trying to get my undivided attention at the same time, so I unfortunately almost always tune somebody out.  I'm working on this, it's a whole other blog.

This was the case this morning, so focused on the "squeaky wheel" I didn't hear Isaiah exclaiming - "Let's don't panic people.  Let's don't panic.  Let's don't panic people."

He had been saying this for a while but I wasn't listening.  He finally yelled it over the chaos, and since he now was including hand gestures he captured our attention.

I suppose it must look like panic to them sometimes.  And, I know for me it feels like panic sometimes.

Rex and I started to chuckle, and stepping outside of the chaos,  realized it must be hysterical should anyone be watching from the outside. 

Our lives aren't pretty people, but it is, what it is. 
I think maybe by baby has some good advice.

Friday, January 21, 2011


My baby, my sweet pea, my shaynie payne is growing up. 

The clues are endless, the room, the learners permit, the attitude, the smells. 

So, I don't know why I am surprised with each new first in his life. 


Shayne is out tonight. 

Not on a date, or with a girl.

It's just not with me, or Teri & Jay, or Aunt Nae, or Meemaw, or any adult supervision.


You see, his friend, Austin got his license yesterday.

Watching the excitement build in the last 24 hours, you'd thought they might die waiting for tonight to finally get here.  The two of them, free at last.  Free to drive to the mall for a quick dinner at Chic-fil-A and then a movie. Free to stop by the Sheetz for a Monster.  Free from us.


No biggie, right?

As always, he is on my mind, but I will not worry.

Not just because I trust him (which I do) but more than trusting my son, I trust my Daddy. (That's God, just in case you don't call Him Daddy)

i Trust God.

It isn't my fleshly nature to trust.  I prefer to fret and worry; but have learned over the years it gets me no where, but stressed out.

So, years ago when a Godly mom of many sons gave me great advice, I tucked it away in the corner of mind, for such a time as this.  I need not sit up and worry or fret when my sons are out and about.  I need not stay up into the wee hours of the morning to make sure they go to sleep before me.  I need not question his safety.  I need not do these, because I am not in control anyway.

I only need to keep trusting God.  Shayne belongs to Him, not me anyway. (we sometimes forget that too, don't we)

But, with that in mind the pressure is off of me and raising teenagers will be a piece of cake right?  

I can't hear you, a little louder.

I do love me some Shayne!

Now, let me go deal with my 4 year old, who was kicked out of the play room during play therapy this afternoon.  Seems he was a little to aggressive, throwing a hammer (toy) at his sweet therapist.  The "safe" zone wasn't safe today.  Sigh. 


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Before Us

My middle child, bless his soul is obsessed with death, (mostly mine - which on some days he has offered to speed along)  and the safety of his family (all of us including the dog) His Daddy and I, are struggling with how to balance giving him security and not making promises that we cannot keep.  We have decided, with wise council to go with the probable and just keep reminding him that we plan to grow old, old, old together and bug him when he's are  an adult. 

fast forward to his bath tonight, when out of the blue he announced- "I wish that we had a "weapon" like they have on TV, just in case somebody tries to hurt us"

After confirming that I heard what he was saying, I went into mom mode and started to reassure him. 

I asked him- who keeps us safe? 
Mommy, Daddy he replies

Yes, but who is stronger than even Mommy & Daddy?


Yes, God is stronger and He keeps us safe

Because God is everywhere, He's with us?

Yes, He is with us.

But how does God see everything if he's behind us.

Oh, baby- God isn't behind us.  He's in front of us.  He goes before us, directing our path.  Nothing happens to us that God didn't already walk through first. He makes the way.

kind of like a car in traffic
yes, kind of like a car (remember he is only 5)

And He makes it perfect?
well, he makes it perfect in His eyes, sometimes we may not think it's perfect.

God makes everything just the way He wants it to be for us?

And with that, he was content to move on to another topic.  But, as so often happens I am left standing with my mouth hanging open.  Thinking wow, God, you did it again.  You've used my kids to remind me what I know, but seem to have trouble remembering.

BEFORE me.  You make my path.  It may not be what I think is perfect, but it is exactly as you will for me.  God, You are my weapon against doubt, fear, distress, disease, disillusionment, disappointment... oh I could go on forever.  God, You are also my resting place, my strong tower... oh I could go on forever.

Psalm 56:3,9b,11

Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You.  This I know, because God is for me.  In God I have put my trust; I will not be afraid.  What can man do to me?

Whom shall I fear? Nobody, my God is Before!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Got a buck?

Sometimes, we find a treasure, and I am happy to report I recently hit the jackpot. 

I was perusing the Dollar Store (for my friends who don't have one of those in your state- it is as is seems, everything in the store is $1- jealous aren't you!) and there it was.  I had seen it advertised on TV but assumed it was a pricey luxury.  I picked it up, read the package to make sure I could operate it, and immediately decided I had to have it.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover it does what it promised. It has increased the value of my mornings. 

Curious yet?

Don't laugh!


I am not sure you are appreciating the wonderfulness of this hair wrap.  
I have spent my life trying to balance a bath towel on my head while doing an assortment of tasks. If the towel fell off, then my hair started to dry before I could blow dry it, which led to a fuzzy head of hair for the day.  If I dried my hair first, then I had to deal with it in my face while trying to apply my makeup. 
Oh, the dilemma. 
No more. 
I reach for my lightweight purple piece of luxury, twist up my hair and secure the loop in the button.  (they match, isn't that precious) before ever stepping out of the shower.  I no longer need two towels- reducing my laundry. 
And, I've tested it- whether its 5 minutes or 50- my hair stays wet, but out of the way until I am ready to dry and style it.  I have chased my boys, tied shoes, emptied the dishwasher and folded laundry and it stayed put.

Now, unlike my slippers, I am NOT tempted to go out in public with my new found treasure, it really is an at-home sort of joy, but I couldn't live with the guilt for not sharing such a wonderful find. 

So, you got a buck- go get a wrap. 
Already have one... prove it, send me your photo.  Go ahead, be brave, it's just us girls. 

Monday, January 17, 2011


What first comes to mind when you hear the word wait? 
For me, it always meant something was coming, but not yet.  Waiting on news, waiting for checks, waiting for answers. Almost like the good stuff could never be "right now"
I love Isaiah 40:31- found at the bottom of my blog.  I learned a long time ago that it isn't the mounting up with eagles that most of our days are filled with, but the walking (and trying not to faint.) But, both require waiting on the Lord.  So, I guess in my mind I always thought that meant for me to kind of be still, sit on my hands and wait for God to deliver the strength. 

Yesterday, as I sang Everlasting God, with my church family I couldn't hold back the tears. I am just in that place right now, desperately in need of God's strength.  To walk, to soar and everything in between.  Truthfully, aren't we are all in that place?

As Pastor Mike began his message, he asked if we knew what it meant to "wait" and then explained it differently than I had every heard it before. He explained it like a waitress or waiter taking our order--they wait on us.  They do whatever we ask, to please us.  WOW!  Revelation in Robin's head.  Waiting on the Lord is doing whatever He asks, pleasing Him with my obedience.  Obeying God renews my strength.

As I relate that to parenting our youngest sons who have changed our life to a new "normal" removing all that is familiar, it changes my perspective yet again.  Fostering/adopting these guys was and is our doing what we were asked to do by God.  It was obedience.  We've ALREADY waited on God- and now we can rejoice in knowing the strength is there.

On the days (all of them) when I question if I can do this... I can know that I can.  The good thing has already come.  God is my strength. 

I don't hear you shouting.  This is exciting people!  It's not just for me, this is for YOU Too!

And for this, I am so Thankful!

(1000 Gifts #72- 90)

an unexpected hug from a friend

spending a holiday day with my husband- without the kids

football in the living room

the hopeful possibilities of new responsibility charts

communication cheat sheets

movie and dinner with friends

sunshine through clouds

hearing "mommy, i love you"

life lessons

sleeping in- until 6:30 a.m.!

heart to heart conversations with my 'daughter'

God's word and learning it fresh

Zaxby's Chicken

hot showers

new mascara

smell of clean blankets out of the dryer

sarcastic smiles from my teenager

coffee by the fire, in solitude and silence

what 'ya thankful for today- share with me!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where is my other sock?

Thanks to Christmas presents, I have some new clothes to wear. Since the new pants I wore last Monday, sported the SIZE TAG all day, I was careful this week to remove all tags.  Instead of wearing jeans, I jazzed it up for work yesterday.  The plan was to feel professional and confident.

I grabbed my trouser socks from the closet and walked directly to the bedroom.  I dressed, but when I went to cover my feet, couldn't find one of the socks.  I looked everywhere.

Bathroom counter
Closet floor
Under the bed
In my sock drawer
On the dryer
In the boys room
The living room, kitchen and hallway

I would have accused my boys but they were in the other room with their daddy. 

Frustrated, running out of time and feeling a bit crazy, I left the lonely sock on the bed and grabbed another pair.  I finished dressing and headed to work.  During the ride, I pondered the craziness of loosing a sock during a 15 foot walk.

Upon arriving at work, I grabbed some coffee and settled in for the day.  As I went to pick up some copies, I stopped by to chat with Lauren.  She's my traveling buddy and friend.  We chatted about our weekends and the excitement of her baby girl turning one.  As we were talking, I went to rub my back (it's a little sore still from the skateboarding incident) and I felt a lump.  My mind raced to figure out how I could have such a knot, and not remember feeling it before.  Then it moved.

You know what I'm going to tell you, don't you? I discretely reached under my brand new, never worn before, static cling not a possibility sweater and pulled out the MIA trouser sock.

Don't ask me how- I can't explain it.

It did certainly make for a good laugh out loud minute with my friend.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow- I'm out of estrogen!

Laugh people- at me or with me, but Laugh!


Neglect Affects!

My name is Robin and I am a mom.

I am a biological mom to Shayne, what an undescribeable joy!

I am an adoptive mom to two more sons.  They were 6 months and 18 months when I first held them in my arms, and we welcomed them into our family.  It has been, and continues to be a journey we couldn't walk outside of God's strength.

We assumed, because of their young ages that it would be a "piece of cake." After all, how much damage can be done in such a short amount of time? 

We soon learned that neglect often has far greater affects than physical abuse.  That neglect affects children, as early as in the womb.

You don't have to agree- but if you are questioning the validity of the statement I would guess that you have never loved a child who has truly been neglected.  The younger the child, the worse it can be.  Research proves this, it isn't my opinion.  It is my experience. 

I once described raising my boys like being on an island.  The five of us are on the island.  The water around us is full of boats- large and small.  Our island looks like the others.  For the passer-by it looks pretty good. There are some neighboring islands that are pretty similar.  There are even a few sightseers in helicopters hoovering about. All around us are people waving, smiling, nodding, they even sometimes speak to us.  Some are really close to the island; close enough to touch us but they never actually step onto the island.  No matter how surrounded we are, how many people we can see or hear, we are still alone on the island.  Because our island looks like the others, people assume they know all about our island- but in reality, they can't understand what life on our island is like.

One of the biggest criticisms we face comes when we try to explain the phychological damage our boys are in the process of healing from.  When we speak to teachers, friends, school and daycare workers to explain some of their behaviors, we get the obligatory smiles, the rolling eyes, the sneers.  They often assume we are just making excuses for them, after all, they were so young.  If we would just discipline them a little more, we could solve all those "behavior" issues.  SIGH!

We've been in play therapy for about two years now with E.  We've been trying to show him, by unconditionally loving him through all his rages, fears and tantrums that we aren't going anywhere.  That it is safe to talk about his Mommy T.  That it is okay to miss her.  That it is okay to love her.  At the same time we are trying to gain his trust that we are here, and we will not leave. 

We are seeing baby steps, and in the process we've had some conversations that have blown me away.  They usually come out of the blue and catch me totally off guard.  I've pulled the car more than once to pull him out of his car seat and just hold  him.  We cry together.   When I relay these conversations, I usually get those same sarcastic looks. You know, the ones that say- without words- liar.

We realized a few months ago, that E. is grieving- much like you and I would grieve over the death of someone precious. Part of his grieving, has included very clingy, sad spells.  So tonight, when I told him Rex and I had an appointment, and Shayne was going to watch him for a bit, I wasn't surprised when he started to cry.   

"Please don't leave me mommy, I just love you so much.  I'm afraid something bad will happen to you mommy, please don't leave me." This cry was a little different- it was from his soul.   

Noone knows a child like their mommy.  I know when he's playing me (discipline) and knowing when he's hurting (unconditional love.)

I knew my son was hurting tonight.  But, as usual, I was caught off guard by the pain that came pouring our of him.  

We had talked for a while about how he was afraid his biological mom might be dead- and he was scared that I might die too. He talked about the "difficult decision" that had to be made.  (really- he's only 5)  He asked me if she could be part of our family and live with us. 

Then, he took my breath away as he, through sobs and tears said the following:

“Miss T. needs a baby- she needs somebody to grow up and tell her how to live.  I tried to tell her how to do it right, but I didn’t have a mouth because I was only a baby.  I tried to grow up really fast so I could tell her.  I tried really hard. She wouldn't listen.   I just miss her so much. “
A five year old  little boy should not ever have to carry the burden of not being able to fix his mother.  But, he does.  Much of the pain in our fallen world shouldn't be.   But it is. 
As much as my heart aches for my son, it yearns even more for my Heavenly Daddy to wrap E. up in his arms, and love on him like I can not.  To give him peace like I can not give.  To heal his heart. 

Today is Multitude Monday, I am supposed to be listing what I am thankful for. With my mom heart a bit overwhelmed  on this Monday I'll focus on one thing that encompasses so many.  I'm thankful for Hope.   

My hope is  in YOU LORD! 

When you think about us, will you pray for our family.  It does get a little lonely on the island.  

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Siesta Scripture Memory Team: Verse 1!

Ok, I'm in.

2011 Siesta Scripture Memory Team: Verse 1!

It should be interesting.  Especially, since some days I can't remember where I parked my car, what was on the sticky note I am supposed to remember, that I can't find, or if I unpluggled the iron. 

But, it can't hurt me to try.  I can still remember the verses I learned when I was a teenager, so I'm trusting God to help me not just memorize, but also remember His word for years to come.

Does this counts as exercise?

Join in, if you dare.
Follow the link to Living Proof Ministries- Beth Moore. 


Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Taking a Chance"

I could feel my stomach knot up, when as I started to open the pretty package, Rex started with a disclaimer.

"I took a real chance on this one, it's not like anything I've ever bought you before"

hmmmm, now if that doesn't conjure up some concern I don't know what would.  My mind raced back over the years to some of the other gifts I had received.  What on earth could he have bought me.

I could see the fear of rejection as he braced himself for my reaction.

I confessed to him that I was a wee bit afraid, and continued to tear away at the paper.  My husband loves to beautifully wrap Christmas gifts for me- always tying them up with pretty bows or something special to make my gifts stand out. The wrapping never gives real hints to what is inside.  (I should probably tell him how much I like that) 

Anyway, I ripped open the gift and was immediately relieved to find that it didn't make a noise, bite, require batteries or assembly.

But I was still a little uncertain....

new boots?

or new slippers?

with this great sole, I could wear them outside, right?

  I don't do slippers.   
Except for when I was recovering from my mastectomies I don't think I've ever worn them.  It's just not me. 

I'm a socks or barefoot kind of girl. 

But, after apparently mentioning multiple times how cold my feet get in front of my big windows when I work at home, Rex decided to take a chance. 

Since they were so pretty, I decided to try them out Christmas Day. I figured if I wore them on Christmas, I wouldn't hurt his feelings, if I didn't wear them again.

 And, I wasn't the only person unsure about their purpose.  My mom asked me later that afternoon,  "Robin what have you got on your feet"

Slippers :)

  It has been about 2 weeks now.

I am  hooked. 

I am becoming a slippers girl. 

I want them on my feet constantly now.  

I think about them when I am at the office.


Isaiah thinks they're pretty cool too. 

He rubs his feet across the top.

and sneaks his feet inside.

he is so happy Daddy took a chance.

I am too. 

I'm even thinking about wearing them out- maybe I'll start with the grocery store.

Think I can get away with it?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


i was simply going out to lock the garage door

and return to the dishes

i made it to the lock with no problem but upon returning noticed the boys had left

the skateboard smack  in the middle of the garage - now that isn't safe!

i knew it needed to be returned to it's storage spot

i leaned down to pick it up and thought

"i wonder if I could ride this thing" and immediately heard a voice in my head screaming at me NO, don't do it.

i did it.

oh, did i do it.

all was fine as i stepped onto it, i should've stopped there, but nooooo, i had to actually push off with my other foot-

off i went

wow those things are fast

i knew immediately i had made a bad choice - i felt myself falling 

i made one of those split second, potentially life saving decisions

i jumped off
(kind of)

i must protect my head - (since it helps me make such good decisions and all)

i braced myself for the landing- but never really hit the ground - whew

or not 

in preventing the nasty fall i apparently put a little too much strain on my body---

so far my left side, right leg, shoulder, neck and lower back are throbbing a beautiful symphony in unison

maybe the pain won't last any longer than the ride :)

i'm getting the heating pad and some Motrin

and the moral of the story- listen to the voices in my head next time. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Back!

I can hardly believe that December, and all the special days and memories the month brings has come and gone.   Nor, can I believe it has been so long since I last blogged.  But, I do recall mentioning on 12/13 that my upcoming week was  crazy busy.  The craziness just kept on going

Over the last three weekends, we have entertained >70 people in our home (some are repeats who came back week after week- for those people we are especially blessed to have in our lives)  We celebrated familiar traditions, and created some new ones.  It has been a great month, but I would be lying if I didn't 'fess up to the amount of stress it brought.  We experienced retail nightmares with a lost layaway which meant we had to re-shop for Santa gifts.  Some we found, some we improvised, some we ditched all together.  In the midst of the chaos, we had a couple of extra snow days.  Most people would celebrate this surprise, but for my little guys who thrive on routine, it started a ball in motion.  If we called it a snow ball- by last night it would have acquired enough size to make a snowman the size of the Empire State Building.  (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but only slight)  My kids are, as we call it, "OUT OF SORTS".  We tried to keep the routine as close to normal as possible, including continuing with weekly therapy visits and sending them to daycare.  But, with daycare closed for the holidays the beginning and end of the last two weeks, school out for Elijah and a few extra surprises we threw their way just for fun, their routine is shot and we are all feeling their pain.

We spent about 10 days thinking we would have to move the end of January (OH MY is right) and we were so relieved to get confirmation that we will be staying.  It's a long story, but the quick version is the property management company is out, the owners are managing the property on their own and in their words are "happy to have us" and have no intention of kicking us out.

On Christmas Eve, I made 15 cakes to give as gifts. I've decorated, baked, cooked & cleaned more in the last 15 days than I have in months. While I accomplished everything that had to be done, I didn't have a chance to hang out on-line.  Since writing is where I find my relaxation, I did miss it.

For New Years, we celebrated Christmas again with my side of the family.  How fun to have my baby brother, sister-in-law and niece with us for several days.  I do hope our chaos didn't scare them off.  (I get it, that it is very different having small kids around 24/7 when you are so close to empty-nesting it.  And, in all honesty our house is LOUD!!!!

I never tire of hearing my children laugh- what a treat to hear that so frequently lately.  And, to hear Isaiah declare before opening any actual gifts on Christmas morning- "this is the best Christmas ever."  He should know after all, it was his 4th.

I could go on for hours, but I'll finish by sharing some some gifts I am thankful for as we end 2010 and begin the new year.  Even in the craziness of life, the disappointments and frustrations of just living, I am continually reminded of my awesome Heavenly  Daddy, who is always with me- whispering in my ear how much He loves me- when I am feeling most unlovable. 

I am excited to see what 2011 has in store- especially knowing that He is in control and no matter what surprises me, He already has it planned out. 

(A Thousand Gifts #46-70)

that this....

 becomes this.

being on Isaiah's nice list for Santa - which means I must be doing something right.

 reaching for ice, and finding a little boy's treasure

for being able to witness the tear filled reunions at the airport as soldiers came home for the holidays

ugly sweaters and the people who wear them (to my lame party)

my sister, who in addition to puttering with me several days this month, is also a very good sport.

that my little guys overcame their phobias and fears to sing about Jesus

a fireplace repaired just in time for Christmas

my sweet mother-in-law, and the gift of every day we have with her

guitars being played, and songs sung in my kitchen by my brother-in-laws and husband on Christmas day

a white Christmas, and getting to stay home all day for the first time in 24 years

my precious boys

a love that endures....

loosing a pound even tho' I have eaten more fudge than one should ever confess too

my friend who knows my flaws and lets me vent about my frustrations, without judgement. 

Christmas coffee

grace periods

hot water lasting through bath's for two and showers for 6

Rex learning to make his mommas homemade rolls- and succeeding!

my mommas surprise goodies and fun games

celebrating the New Year with friends and family- and Sparkling Cider
sitting for hours and chatting over coffee with Keith & Angie

the excitement of a new calendar- and the rush of filling in the squares with important reminders of how full our life is

getting back to our "normal" schedule today --bahhahaahaa.

the high calling God has put on my life- the privilege to be wife and mom to 4 great people

What 'ya thankful for?   Let me challenge you to find your own 1000 Gifts. 

Happy New Year! 


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