Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa Saturday 2010

admiring the reindeer... and reminding us that "Shayne would shoot this deer"
(note he is back in his favorite "scare" pants and hunting shirt- washed yet again)

working out with Isaiah's thera-band, waiting to see Santa 

Santa sings about the Reindeers, including Holly & Buck (he's the naughty reindeer)

the boys enjoyed it, but only in mommy's lap- they still get scared in different surroundings  

helping Santa sing... very quietly

Santa had alot more to talk about this year- Isaiah wasn't too interested in the stories 

he didn't wake up while Santa played the cow bells- or during the annual Santa photo - which normally doesn't include mommy 

until we walked out of the door- so we hurried back in for one more photo- eyes opened but still a little sleepy

then it was off the the Roanoke Weiner Stand for our traditional Santa Saturday lunch- and what a surprise....


so Elijah caught some...

then, it was time to pick up Shayne- who we really missed today. 

a little movie and a snack waiting for dinner finishes off a great day!

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