Saturday, December 4, 2010

beginning to feel like Christmas...

I love Christmas.  No matter how stressful it can be, and it usually is, I still love the season.  I love what it means to me, my Jesus was born.  And, I in a sick way, enjoy watching the insanity of the American consumers.  I love the smells.  I love the music that plays in the background.

I love the Christmas programs my children "perform" (if you will) in. 

Yesterday was the first. 

The morning started with great fun- as soon as I suggested that Isaiah wear pants (and not scare pants, his favorite plain shorts) the meltdown began.  "I don't want to sing, it makes me scared, I want to stay home mommy" and on and on it went.  I finally got him into his "fly" clothes and I dropped him off at pre-school. 

The Kingom Kids Christmas program started at 10AM on a Friday morning. Seriously people, don't you know what that does to the kids- seeing mommy in the middle of the morning- OF COURSE they all start crying to go home.  Anyway, I attended all my meetings and took early lunch.  Arriving right on time 10:03 a.m. :)  I wasn't sure what to expect- based on our early morning antics.

The air was filled with excitement.  Cameras, vidoe cameras - and IPHONES everyway. Beaming parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles.  so fun. 

The classes performed by age.

The three's were precious- I don't remember too much about their songs, but they all seemed to find their mommy's and greet them appropriately... HI MOMMY- THERES MY MOMMY :)

and then it was Isaiah's class' turn.. they marched in like little indians-

at least he wasn't crying - and was wearing long pants

but definitely not so sure about this

but he came around and sang beautifully- Santa Clause is Coming to Town, and Go, tell it on the Mountain.  Total time- abour 4.5 minutes.  

Then they all came together for a wonderful rendition of "We wish you a Merry Christmas"

"Hi Mommy!"  Hi Baby... I want to go home mommy, Landon's going home! 
yea, again with the mid-morning ideas.  I need to have a talk with the planners.

I walked him to his room, reminded him the wonderful smell was school pizza and assured him I'd be back for him later.

and I was back home and working by 10:45a.m. 

I do love this time of year.  Today, we're off today to see Santa. 

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