Monday, November 29, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

giving thanks for:  

celebrating Frankie & Shirley's 44th wedding anniversary, and Frankie's 70th Birthday with family and friends- and good food.

celebrating the one year anniversary of our boys' adoption- and spending the day watching them enjoy their sister. 

meeting my new great-nephew - Owen.  And smelling him - oh did I smell him, ha!  I got to feed and change him, and kiss his cheeks, and his toes. 

seeing Audrey, even tho she was recovering from the stomach bug and was a bit shy, I so enjoyed watching her play, just looking at her and listening to her.

watching Shayne beam with excitement every time he talked about killing a 10pt 175 lb. buck...
(and watch him cut up the meat.. ugh!)  We've eaten two meals so far- not too bad. 

cooking  Thanksgiving dinner at our house, a new tradition this year.  My turkey turned out delicious,  we had more food than we could eat and we enjoyed being with our family for the day (all 19 of us)  

the location changed- the traditions remained.

enjoying a lot of time with precious friends.

cleaning my house.  ALL of my house at once, including clean sheets on the beds. 

spending a little extra time with my mom.

putting up our Christmas tree.

Visiting with my sweet mother-in-law, 89 years young yesterday, and putting up her Christmas tree.  I watched her putter about.  I know every minute with her is precious and I don't take them for granted.  I was a bit ashamed, that I don't find time for more of them.

so far, we've steered clear of the stomach bug flying around- which is a blessing since we've been in at least 3 houses and around 4 different families fighting it. 

the numerous reminders of how awesome my GOD is and how HE provides for us.

that my boys were in bed asleep by 7:30pm- that means I can call it an early night too. 

what 'ya thankful for?

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