Sunday, November 14, 2010


i am pretty sure i hear that word hundreds of times some days- so i decided to do an experiment today below are the "mommy's" i was able to document.  (note, this decision came about 2 hours into our day)  

mommy i got some more trash
mommy i got some more trash
mommy i got some more trash (handing me the crust from his pop-tart with each announcement- which continued about every 22 seconds for what seemed like the next ten minutes
mommy i'm hungry
mommy i'm thirsty
mommy i got to go potty
mommy you're being mean
mommy i'm tired
mommy can we watch curious george
mommy my teacher lets me bring toys, mommmmmyyyyyyy
mommy are we going to grandmas-- yes Elijah-- (then he instructed- okay people, don't tell grandma she's old)
mommy can i take my motorcycle
mommy can i play here
mommy can i take my lunchbox in
mommy am i good
mommy hers is not pretty (isaiah referring to the rather plump model advertising skinny control jeans-he was not impressed)
daddy mommys being mean to me
mommy let's fight (as isaiah sat on my chest with his fist drawn- giggling)
mommy are you writing my name
mommy are you writing something about me
mommy are you sending my name to God and santa claus?
mommy can i sit on your leg
mommy i'm going to jump on you
mommy do you like that
mommy put both your feet up (wanting a two legged horsey to ride)
mommy can we do the tent
mommy watch this
mommy am I good at rubbing your leg (don't ask- his attempt at a massage)
mommy i see you on the wall
mommy close your eyes, close your eyes mommy, mommmmeeeeee
mommy what's this
mommy i'm a statue see
mommy look
mommy look
mommy it was an accident
mommy i'm done with this
mommy he took all my bubble gum
mommy can i go to the bathroom
mommy try to get this
mommy i see a cat
mommy can we make a tent
mommy can we go to pizza hut, i'm hungry
mommy can we ride rides
mommy i want to go get some fries please mommy we'll be good
mommy ----WHAT
insert call from oldest son- mom, how much money is on my debit card
mommy it's over , its over mommy
mommy can you get my blankie
mommy do you forgive us
mommy why don't this back not do this (wanting the seat in the van to recline)
mommy i'm tired
mommy i'm not tired anymore (13 seconds later)
mommy you make yummy food
thank you mommy
mommy why are you not eating (mommy wasn't feeling good today- fever all day)
mommy look, is her and her they match
mommy i love you
mommy you're not eating (i don't feel good, isaiah) can i rub your shoulders so you feel better mommy
mommy watch this
mommy look- rock and roll, slide (thanks Mr. Bob)
mommy can i say what the girl says?
mommy i won't do it again
mommy can i get up (time out)
look mommy, i'm spider man

then it was four o'clock!

and here are my precious darlings...

we still have some work to do on the clothes, let's just say we got the new shirt on him - with the scare pants

new mohawks

this pretty much sums it up today.

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