Saturday, November 13, 2010

Is that what I think it is?

My BFF was spending the day with Isaiah and me.  Gotta love her, since we were running my errands- not so much fun, really. But, there is always an adventure to be found.

We met up at the yard sale going on at her preschool- had some hot dogs for breakfast and got a tent for the kids for $ .50  then on to Green Ridge Rec Center- then by my mom's to drop off/pick up some things.  Next, a haircut for Isaiah at the barber.  The child finally got his Mohawk he's been begging for. (note, I had to pay $10 + tip per son for Mohawks, my new great nephew was born with his) This is where the fun begins.  Have you ever seen Barber Shop?

anyway- it was fun- especially when the haircut was done and CJ, the barber,  sat Isaiah on the floor and told him to come back to see him.  Isaiah turned to CJ and gave him a "fist bump"   too cute. 

then, we went in search of some "fly" clothes (really, this mom just wanted some pants for Elijah that would fit his skinny little waist AND reach his ankles; and then the need for some shirts to fit Isaiah) since we had to have some clothes, figured we might as well find cool ones that meet Shayne's approval too.

Since Isaiah has SPD- Sensory Processing (Integration) Disorder- clothes are a huge deal.  We laugh about the "scare" pants and two t-shirts that he rotates EVERY day, but for whatever reason they work for him.  But, trying to find new clothes, season appropriate that fit and are comfortable for him, that was my challenge.  Do you know how hard it is to find shirts without buttons, pockets, tags or zippers?  Anyway- that's how we ended up at Once Upon a Child. 

Teri was standing about 10 feet from me- which proved to be a good thing.  I was flipping through the shirts when I heard it.  I turned my head about the same time Teri did.  She had heard it to.  The sound of passing gas.  No- it wasn't Teri or me.  It was a little gray headed lady- appeared to be about 70 or 80 or 90.  She was letting it rip, in sync with every step with her cane.  Teri kept her composure much better than I did.  I couldn't help it, I laughed out loud.  Thankfully, the lady must not hear too good since just she never turned around.  Even when she continued round two.  

I would have been insanely embarrassed- she was oblivious. 

Later, I found myself standing directly behind her in line as we were paying for our purchases.  I was a little nervous about my location but everything was fine.  I stood there thinking about the earlier events, and the differences in how I would have dealt with that situation.  I am pretty sure I would rather die first, and it didn't seem to phase her one bit.  I thought about since I didn't know her, if I ever did see her again, I doubted that I would be able to identify her as the gassy grandma.  I wondered how she could "care less" about public opinion and we care so much.  I concluded it must be age related. 

I dropped Teri off, picked up Elijah and we went to CitiTrends to finish "fly" shopping.  (insert note here, I am feeling pretty proud of myself that I even dared to take them into a store without backup,  let alone a store I had never been in to before. 

I am trying to power shop the clearance rack, while holding a very tired 4 year old, and keep up with my dancing 5 year old.  That boy can dance. 

And then, I heard that sound, again.  I looked around for the gray headed grandma but she was nowhere to be found.  I noticed tho' as I scanned the aisles,  people were staring at me.  I knew I was not yet of age to be letting her rip in public places, so who was?   

Then, I heard the other sound that is so familiar.  Elijah's giggles.  My little dancer had smuggled his whoopee cushion into the store and was having a great time surprising the other shoppers. After hearing myself say again, Elijah don't do that in the store, I realized people were still staring.  Duh,  they couldn't see the cushion, they just kept hearing sound effects.  I quickly confiscated it and tucked it away in my purse. 

:)  never a dull moment with the allenz.

p.s.  we did find some cool clothes-- look for picture of new haircuts and outfits tomorrow.

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