Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays--- 5 (all about Shayne)

I'm thankful for several things today

like knowing my pants were properly zipped all day
a new bottle of NyQuil
reconnecting with family I haven't talked to in years

but I am especially thankful that my first car ride with Shayne  (him driving, not me) was really non-eventful. 

He got his learner's permit today- and to celebrate I promised to let him take me for a ride tonight.

(this isn't really about Shayne- it's about me.  ha! )

  • I didn't scream one time
  • I didn't cry
  • I didn't demand that he pull over and give me the keys
  • I stayed calm- even when it started raining and he had to go around a police man who had apparently rear-ended a middle-aged woman in her mini-van  (I didn't let him stop so I could snoop)

Since the day he was born, I have believed in kind of jumping in with both feet.  I sat him right next to the phone and turned on the vacuum cleaner the first day he lived in our home- so he would get used to the noise.  It worked, he would sleep through anything.... if he wanted to sleep at all. Mud, Dirt, Guns... no problem.

So, with my twisted take on parenting, where else would I let him drive me the first time ever? 

Yep- Wal-Mart
In the Dark - we left around 9pm after the boys went to sleep
During a Tornado watch
Around the curves
Through the tunnels
Down Williamson Road
Let him park next to another car
Drive back home
Through the Rain
Down Peters Creek Road

He surprised me how well he did; I apparently surprised him how well I did. 

I know you are wondering about the interstate--- not tonight, I do need to leave some kind of adventure for another day :)

I figured if I faced some of my hardest fears right off the bat- then the next 9 months of "learning" will be a piece of cake. 

I sure am thankful for my Shayne!!!!!


  1. I am not pleased at how fast our boy is growing into a man. Not cool. Not cool at all.

    I'm so glad you had a lovely first adventure together :) Give him a hug for me!


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