Saturday, October 2, 2010


A week ago today, we took off on a mini-vacation, without our two youngest.  We were fulfilling a promise to Shayne made back in April.  We knew we were going to New Jersey- past that we weren't sure exactly where we would end up, or what our days would look like. 

Well, as is everything in our lives, we ended up packing the 5 days full.  The first day or so I felt guilty to having fun without Elijah and Isaiah; but I soon realized what a gift to get to spend the time focused on Shayne. 

We laughed and played.

We rode---- cars, subways, ferrys and roller coasters.  We rode >1200 miles. 

We walked----- beaches, bridges, boardwalks, sidewalks and amusement park lines.

We ate--- lots.  We enjoyed some really yummy desserts in Sewell! We had pizza  from three local restaurants in three different towns.  I think Deninos has to be the best pizza I've eaten.  They are in Staten Island, NYC.  We had world famous crab fries in Philly at Chickies & Petes, and Italian Ices at Ralphs in Staten Island.  We had too many lunches at McDonalds ,but the 4-story one in Broadway was my fave.  We can not take a trip and not eat at Chili's. 

We slept------ We slept without anyone crawling in bed with us at 3a.m.  We slept in the car, in beds, on couches, the floor and in a camper.  We slept with windows open and the sound of rain on the roof.  We slept good.  We slept late. 

We played!  Cards with Shayne and Anna proved to be interesting and fun.  The laughter of teenagers is a wonderful sound.  Phase 10 anyone?  We got to play peek-a-boo with Peyton and football with Benjamin.

We got to celebrate the publishing of Mr. Whiskersnuff Rabbit, a children's book written and illustrated by Rex's cousin Kitty. 

I got to hold baby Cash. 

We did Six Flags Great Adventure, Atlantic City, Ocean City, Philly and NYC.  Ground Zero,  and meeting Buddy, the Cake Boss were a few of my favorite stops in NYC.  The beaches in Atlantic City and Ocean City were great- even tho it was rainy and windy.  It was relaxing. 

I discovered that I am probably too old to ride roller coasters; but I keep saying that so time will tell if I get on another one.

I was reminded how blessed we are:
  • blessed to have family who love us, and spoiled us rotten (Terry & Lisa, Anne Marie, Dawn, Cathy & Betty- thanks for the meals and hospitality.  Kitty- thanks for including us in your celebration and the autographed book- We love you all! )
  • blessed to know that my little guys were being loved and cared for by people we love and wouldn't trade anything for.  
  • blessed to travel more than 1200 miles, in 7 states to return home safely- even when home welcomed us with a stopped up toilet. 
  • blessed to have my mind, soul and body rejuvenated
And then we came home.  Home to our precious, busy, energetic and exciting "pirates"

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