Monday, October 4, 2010

here comes the tooth fairy... maybe

I noticed last week Elijah had an "extra" tooth behind his bottom right middle tooth.  Nothing was loose- he expressed no complaints- I noticed it when he smiled. 

Friday night giggles reminded me that I need to call the dentist next week. I was thinking major dental work since still no loose teeth. 

Saturday, he was eating a freshly picked apple from the apple farm- and started crying that his tooth hurt.  I assumed it was the extra tooth and took a look- and was surprised to find that his front tooth was loose.  Really loose.  

Sunday afternoon during lunch, he kept complaining.  I threatened to pull it, never dreaming I actually could, and much to my surprise and his, it came right out.  I have never seen one get that loose that fast.  He was actually brave and not freaked out by the blood.  (note- this is huge, everything freaks him out)

We spent the afternoon talking about what comes next- the tooth fairy.  He practiced at nap time. 

Come bedtime - he wasn't ready to part with his tooth.  Isaiah was also a little concerned about just who the tooth fairy is, and how he gets into our house.  Elijah just wants to show everybody his tooth. 

So, as of this moment the tooth is still on his dresser, waiting until he is ready to part with it by putting it under his pillow.  I have assured him that the tooth fairy will know when it is okay to take his tooth and leave him some money. 

No worries...
(well, none for Elijah- Isaiah still wants to know if the tooth fairy lives with Santa and can he see him)

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