Monday, October 11, 2010

Hard Decisions...

Ok, so some will read this and want to award us the Parents of the Year Award (not really)

Sometimes life calls for hard decisions.  Sometimes, things that seem right at the time, turn out to be not so great.   Today, one of the tough decisions was made for our family.  Our puppy Coal, was adopted.  Not into our family, but out of it.

Getting a puppy seemed like a good decision back in December.  It turned out not to be. 

We found a great home for him.  His new owner was so excited she couldn't sleep last night in anticipation.  I'm sure she won't sleep tonight, due to barking (ha!)

It is really hard to see my boys hurting.  Really hurting.  I didn't realize how hard it would be on them (ALL of them)

So, while part of the purpose in getting a puppy was to bring us together as a family, having to say goodbye to him is having the same purpose.  We are all sad, and dealing with it in a different way; but dealing with it together. 

I must admit, I actually missed his excited greeting when I pulled into the garage tonight. He will be missed.  

And, we will be okay.

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