Friday, October 29, 2010

Fruit- really?

I did it.  The deed.  You know what I'm talking about.

I signed up to help with Elijah's Fall Party. 

Seemed easy enough- one of the options was juice boxes.  No sweat.

Sweet little phone call- "juice boxes are already taken" 

phone tag...

message left on kitchen counter- Fruit- 19 kids.


I know that our country and our elementary schools are on a healthy lifestyle awareness kick.  I work for a health insurance company.  I get it.  I just don't really live it.

We are a Diet Coke and Brownie for breakfast kind of family. 

They want healthy party snacks.  really. 

like opposite ends of magnets - they just don't seem to go together.

Okaaaay - I'll do fruit.

How do I do fruit- for Halloween; that's fun.  apples are so.... overdone.

sigh.  think mom, think.

I've got it- Elijah's favorite fruit is strawberries.  Drat, they are red- not orange. 

The perfectionist in me almost went another route, and got oranges so I could color coordinate for Halloween.  NO, don't do it! echo'd through my mind.   

think mom, think.

aha- I'll do chocolate covered strawberries.  maybe white chocolate- and make them into little ghosts.  nah, who has the time. I just put them on halloween paper instead. 

                      (I took 29 to school- this is a photo of the extras- saved at home for my family)

paranoid, yes a bit.  would I get in trouble with the school for ruining the healthy fruit by putting chocolate on it?

and, I was feeling a little uncomfortable too, seems all the other parents were in black and orange (and cute little halloween sweaters) and here I show up in jeans and pink- with red fruit! 

turns out- those strawberries did in fact draw a lot of attention. 

the room mother wanted to hide them and not even give them to the kids. 

teachers from other classrooms came by--- "I hear there are chocolate covered strawberries in here"  so they had a strawberry

the principal came by- and had a strawberry

the assistant principal came by- and had a strawberry -- and proclaimed "you are my favorite parent ever"

don't you know I typed that on the hard drive of my brain- SAVE AS, IMPORTANT - that I will  remember! 

leftover strawberries-- ZERO.

next time I'm invited to a friendly chat in the principals office about my little kindergartners behavior---  I think I'll just remind them they are talking to their favorite parent ever- the strawberry momma!



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