Sunday, October 24, 2010


The urban dictionary defines it as: feeling uneasily or unpleasantly self-conscious due to some event or circumstance.

I define it as a strange mixture of laughter and tears, while wanting to hide due to a stupid act.

Apparently, this has been my week for being embarrassed. 

The first moment I will not even begin to share on this blog- nor will I tell you if you ask.  So don't.  But I will just say,  that I don't remember the last time I couldn't quit laughing, while tears filled my eyes, while my face grew hotter and hotter, and I couldn't think of a word to say to take the sting away---- until Wednesday. 

That was bad enough, but a few days passed and I had began to recover.  My loving husband has been wonderful not to bring it up.  NOT!  Love ya honey, but really do need to let this one go.

Then, just when I thought life was back to normal-(ha)  I was slammed again. 

Why is it we never see embarrasment coming?

We had arrived at church, chatted in the foyer.  Dropped little people off at their classes.  Grabbed a bulletin from the greeters, hugged a couple of ladies from the retreat yesterday, stood in line for coffee and snacks, straddled a chair to chat with a buddy, and finally made it to my seat in Sunday School.  Our class, usually has between 50 - 60 people on any given week.  And, since I am the  "events director" if you will, I usually share upcoming announcements to the group- standing up - facing them. This will be an important piece of information in just a bit.  For some reason, my memory would not cooperate with me, so no matter how many times Pastor Mark would say the date for our next event, I would repeat it, incorrectly.  I just couldn't get the dates, times or location straight.  I was having trouble remembering.  So, I finally gave up and sat down. 

This is when I first heard my husband whisper something into my ear.  Something he claims to have been trying to tell me the entire time I was standing up.  Something I can assure you I was unaware of. 

Memory had obviously failed me in other ways this morning as well---like in ZIPPING MY PANTS.  


Thank goodness it was time to pray- so as we stood, I took this opportunity to quietly zip up.  Well, actually I had to fake cough to cover the sound of the ziiiippp.. but at least I was now properly contained.

I thought maybe I was in the clear, after all, I'm sure nobody had noticed. Until my hubby stated the assumed color of my bikinis'- oh why couldn't I have worn granny panties today!  Even the undies that went to daycare in my son's backpack would have been more appropriate if I was going to run around church unzipped. 


Now that I think about it, memory- lack of it anyway, was contributory to both of my embarrassing moments this week.  I sure hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

What about you, has your memory failed you and caused you some embarrassement? Come on and share with me - it will be fun - I dare you :)

Getting older certainly

oh shucks, I can't remember what I was going to say.

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