Saturday, September 4, 2010

You just never know...

what imaginative things little people are going to come up with. 

We were getting ready to go to Thunder Valley today to celebrate Phillip's birthday.  Isaiah decided he needed his nylon sports backpack just like his older brother and his friends were carrying.  The big guys fit clothes, cell phones, money, sunglasses, whatever they need into their bags.  Isaiah decided he just needed his super hero friends.  He proudly came into the bathroom where I was getting ready to go, sat down on the floor and began to show me all his friends who would accompany him to Thunder Valley.

Incredible Hulk- check
Batman- check
Fiona (Shrek's woman) - check
Buzz Lightyear- check

He threw his friends into his backpack and off we went.
Fast forward a couple of hours to Thunder Valley. At this point, the poor backpack has been slammed, dropped and drug along the way. No big deal, I knew Batman could handle the roughness of my little one, I just hoped Incredible Hulk didn't get too mad.

So, you can imagine my uneasiness when I rounded the corner to see the line-up of friends Isaiah was happily playing with.

Poor Fiona was left laying on the bathroom floor, and in her place were 3 of my willow tree angels.

And I learned today, that these are some tough angels- not a lost wing nor a broken head.  Maybe Willow Tree needs Isaiah to do a quality assurance commercial for them.  Anyway, we all got a good laugh.

And apparently,  Isaiah thinks every super hero should have his own angel :)

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