Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Elijah earned a special reward this week.  For being good at school all week (not an easy task for my little guy) he chose to have a friend come home from church with him for the afternoon. One of my fave memories of childhoood revolved around taking extra clothes to church, going home with a friend, eating lunch and then playing outside until time to change back into our "sunday" clothes and go back to church for Sunday night services. 

Elijah's guest of choice- Cameron.  No naps this week- it's big boy Sunday. 

Elijah & Cameron

Boys for sale...by one, get two free:)

so, what would Sunday afternoon dinner be without cake? 

don't touch...

okay, so that's the play... moving on to the Date.    

Yes indeed, Shayne has a girlfriend, who also spent the afternoon with us.  It was nice.  She is sweet, mannerly and cute as a button.  (I'm sure this is not a teen approved description; but, appropriate for someone my age.  Sigh, I am told that I am 10 years older than her momma, flashback to Elijah's Kindergarten orientation a few months ago- now I am an older parent of my teenager too.  How did this happen?  I must start working out and researching botox- ha!  


Back to topic-
She came for dinner and can I say she loved my BBQ chicken (scoring points).  She stayed and went to youth group with Shayne.  I like her.  Shayne really likes her.  

I have been forbidden to post pictures- sorry Meemaw!

Looks like I'm going to have to practice what I preach, and learn to share- Really? 

I am open to advice from all you moms of teenage boys who have survived, because I know in my heart that this is the one more step in the process of letting go.  Regardless of what happens, I am figuring out that  I can no longer control or protect him in the way I have grown accustomed.  This new territory. I am feeling out of sorts!   

As "strange" as I am feeling,  I have to admit I am enjoying the conversations and the never ending smile that has once again found his face. 

Stay tuned for more .... I have a feeling I will have lots of blogging material in the near future.  

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  1. Greatdayinthemornin our boys are growing up!


    please send me a picture via private measures asap. I won't embarrass him. Promise.

    Love you! :)

    (btw sis, I'm tinkering with my own blog...feel free to take a look at your own risk!) www.renee-abundantlyblessed.blogspot.com


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