Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What happened to August 2010?

This month has been, in a word, INSANE

With Health Care Reform demanding 10-15 hour workdays including some weekends, this month has flown.  I can't possible catch up to all that has happened, but here is a glimpse....

I traveled 3 weeks out of 4, and during said travels planted my feet in Philadelphia, PA; Hartford, CT; Detroit Michigan;  Atlanta, GA; Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Malibu Beach & Santa Monica, CA (where I was serenaded by Jimmy Kimmel, the One Man band from this season of America's Got Talent) Charlotte, NC;  Loisville, KY and of course, home in Roanoke. 

Malibu Beach, CA  August 11, 2010

Santa Monica Pier, CA  Thursday August 12, 2010

12 flights, 1 irritating college student, 1 grumpy menopausal lady, 1 really nice dad of two teens and my traveling buddy Lauren kept me company on the planes.  I flew through sunshine, rain and lightning storms. I prefer to appreciate lightning from the ground :)   A missed flight, and several  various delays before landing back home in my own bed with my honey.  I lost track of the number of hours I've spent in meetings this month and am very thankful for the travel freeze just put into place.    

Can I just say, my husband rocks- he kept the home fires burning, without actual fires and kept laundry caught up until I got home. He took care of 3 boys and two dogs and his full time job.  I am blessed.

We celebrated Rex's 30th high school reunion- and missed winning the prize for having the youngest child by 2 months....   

Sometime while I was in KY, Isaiah decided there was more to a wardrobe than "blue" basketball shorts and rain boots. Yeah!

The new school year brought the start of Kindergarten for Elijah, Pre-school for Isaiah and Home Schooling for Shayne who is officially enrolled,  public school notified and new books are on the way! 

Elijah's feet, as I found them the first day of K... August 23, 2010 

too early....

I'm ready for school, Mom.

We took bets on how long it would take to for the first Kindergarten meltdown (Day4) and to receive the first note home from the Kindergarten teacher (Day6) We've already missed the bus once because mommy worked until 3am, missed the alarm and then woke up sick.   Elijah didn't care 'bout that-he just didn't want to be a car rider (until the next morning, when I did get him on the bus)  Typical.

Shayne painted his bedroom, took some MMA classes and then broke his toe playing with the dog.   

We managed to purchase new living room furniture in the midst of the madness. 

We got the little guys to the Barber, and discovered that a mohawk wouldn't work for Isaiah, since he at some point this month cut his own hair, leaving a nice big patch of bald head in the center of his scalp. 

In addition to the personnel meetings, choir practices, church services and school orientations, we threw in foster parent re-certification, a support group meeting and TB tests for the entire family.  Rex, Shayne and I knocked ours out with one trip to the doc; but the little guys got to do it in TWO tests and 4 trips to the Dr.  (ha.. long story there- just know if you picture a four year old running and screaming from the grip of the nurses in the exam room back to the waiting room, you've got a clear understanding of how that went down)  

Saturday I finally got my kitchen floor swept and mopped.  The rest of the house, well that is still a work in progress. 

And to finish out the month,  this past Saturday/Sunday I celebrated my birthday (who I share with my other son, Phillip) with family and friends.  Dollar movie (Charlie St.Cloud) and dinner at Moe's in Lynchburg Saturday night and homemade soup and ice cream cake from ColdStone Creamery on Sunday. 

He prefers our popcorn to the cool Kid Packs we bought for him.

Birthday Buddies Forever --- Me & Phillip

Me and Shayne... I'm loving the birthday hugs... ain't he handsome!

It really is the little things, like "the best sillybands ever" that make the best gifts.

We finished the weekend with worship on Sunday night with Charles Billingsley and the Rainbow Forest Baptist Church choir- that just plain rocked! 

Monday, after searching more than 12 stores for a rest pillow for Elijah, I finally called it quits and decided to hand sew one, finishing it up last night about 11:30 before climbing into bed. 

Add in some disagreements, well, full-blown discussions, new family rules and kids I wouldn't trade for the world and that pretty much sums it up. 

September tomorrow- REALLY!!!!!   
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