Saturday, July 24, 2010

Roller Coasters and other thrills.....

Are you a coaster rider? 

I am, with reservation.  I have always been intrigued by coasters and can't pass them by (most of them at least, I do have limits)  I remember the first time I ever rode one.  It was the Rebel Yell at Kings Dominion. 

I rode it my sisters' boyfriend about 27 years ago.  As I recall, he was the only one brave enough to ride with me.  I am sure he regreted it, since I was scared and screamed the entire time.  Poor guy.  But, I remember getting off, and wanting to get right back on again.  Crazy, huh! 

As the years have gone by, I continue to love coasters.  I have gotten a little braver, I have rode upside-down, backwards and standing up.  I've even rode some that combine a couple of those features and gone backwards and upside down.  They are my favorite. 

The last roller coaster ride I was on, was the Rocking Roller Coaster at Disney.

I waited with Shayne well over an hour to ride it the first time.  Had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised with the speed and sharp twists.  I got right back on with his daddy.  Yes, I screamed, I just can't help it.  I think it is officially my favorite. I can handle the speed, twists and turns as long as the coaster has some sort of boundary I can see. 

My least favorite coaster ever was also at Kings Dominion.  It was a simple round and round, down and up, round and round.  Didn't look like much, but once on the ride each time it would round the curve- sharp curves, there was no visible boundary and I felt like I was going to fly off the tracks.  Screamed on that one too.  I remember Shayne saying "Mom, what are you screaming for, this is nothing?" 
For me, it was much scarier that the others- simply because I couldn't see the boundaries.  Boundaries make me feel safe.  Walls make me feel safe.  

I haven't blogged for several weeks.  Seems I've been on a real-life coaster ride. Typical Monday, started like most of the others; but about mid-way through we learned some information that took us flying down a track and at a speed we haven't experienced before.  I don't care much for this track, I can't see the boundaries.  I don't feel safe.  I am unsure of the next twist and turn.  Forward, backward, upside down... yep, this ride seems to have them all. 

So, I've been a little side tracked and couldn't really catch my breath.  Everytime I thought the ride was ending and I could write about it, the silly car would take off for another hill.  Sidewinders, straight up and then loop-de-loop. 

And, I have to admit that I have been screaming the entire ride.  Screaming fears that I never expected to face.  Screaming because I have no control of when it started, the direction of each new turn and have no idea when it will end.  This ride has caught me off guard.  Like the hidden drop in the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at the Magic Kingdom.  I have to be honest and tell you, I am ready for this particular ride to end. I am starting to wonder if the warnings about not getting on if your heart is weak is meant for me. I am feeling a little broken hearted on this one.  So, I find myself screaming out to God.  Oh, I guess I didn't mention that I'm riding this one with Him.  He doesn't mind me screaming and hasn't asked me what I was screaming about. He hasn't told me no big deal, or rolled his eyes and said never again with you.  He is familiar with this ride. He just stays right by my side, assuring me that it is safe because I am with Him.  And, even though I can't see the boundaries, I can see Him. 

So, do you need a thrill?  Do you like roller coasters? If so, just let me know, I know who you can ask to ride along with you, and He promises to keep you safe.  

gotta run, I see a sharp curve up ahead.  

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