Thursday, July 29, 2010

The middle child is growing up

Elijah starts kindergarten in about 3 weeks.  I think I am a bit in denial and a bit excited.  Excited because this is a new adventure for him, one that will be all his.  He is the only Allen that will be riding the school bus this year.  I still remember Shayne's first day on the school bus.  He looked soooo little- I could just barely see his eyes & forehead peeking over the window.   

I know Elijah is ready for this new adventure.  I can tell by the little things like: 

  • Now, when he hears himself say "lasterday" or "lellow" he corrects himself to correctly say yesterday and yellow.

  • He offers to share.  (pick your mouth up off the floor- it's true)

  • He delights in getting up and dressing himself, and unlike his little brother he wants his clothes to match.

  • He has figured out that things require money and now asks me for it when he goes on his field trips.    If I tell him no, he reminds me he has his own "potty" money- he'll be happy to use that.   (Potty $ =  a dime earned for each day at daycare with no potty accidents, going 'poopy' earned him a quarter.  He occassionaly still asks me for quarters, and if he remembers to ask, I still pay up)    

I guess I need to snap out of this semi-denial and get shopping.   My funny, smart and dramatic dude is going to need those million dollar school supplies.  Hey, maybe I can talk him into using his own money.


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