Tuesday, July 27, 2010


FACES isn't just what peeks over my bed to wake me up each morning- although I do love seeing and feeling the eyes of four dudes peering at me each day.    

FACES of Virginia Families is the Foster, Adoption & Kinship association whose mission is to provide a united voice for children, youth, and families involved in foster, adoptive, and kinship care so all children and youth are treated with dignity, respect, and equality.

Check out their website at:

I learned about them a while back as part of our foster parenting but as much as I hate to admit it, I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to what they do, just read random emails about them from time to time that our  Department of Social Services offices send out. 

This week, we got one of those emails and it perked my interest.  They were sharing that 4 people would be selected to receive a scholarship to attend NACAC's 36th Annual Conference.  What is that I wondered- so I googled it.   NACAC is the North American Council on Adoptable Children.    I answered the questions and sent the email and didn't really expect to ever hear back.  So much so, we thought the call was a telemarketer and didn't answer the phone.

How excited and perplexed, when we got the call that we were selected to receive a scholarship.- Excitement.   Conference, airfare and lodging- for ONE of us.  Perplexed.  ONE, really?  I was so hoping that this would be an experience me and Rex could do as a  couple.  Rex and I talked about it- what about the boys, Shayne is on vacation next week, Rex works Saturday, 4 nights of figuring out dinner, 3 EARLY morning schedules.  Three kids and two dogs is alot for both of us, it's really tough for one.  But he lovingly (yes, lovingly) encouraged me to go.  I checked out the workshop options on the website and made the appropriate phone calls.  Registration-check.  Airfare booked-check.  Hotel-check.  Looks like I'm all set- Hartford CT here I come.  Next week, I'll spend 3-4 days getting some really good tips, tools and education on how to be a better parent to my special guys.  What an exciting opportunity. 

I'm especially looking forward to the workshop titled... "What my White Parents Didn't Know.. and Why I Turned Out OK Anyway. 

So today, I am  thankful for FACES who not just believes that foster, adoptive, and kinship families are the best opportunity to secure strong futures for children and youth not living with their birth parents; but they are putting action to their beliefs and are making it possible for me to learn some good stuff. 

And thanks honey for taking on another week of doing it alone with the boys.  I promise to listen good, take notes and come home refreshed and ready to keep on loving and raising our precious three sons. 

And yes, I will miss these faces while I'm gone!

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