Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Instead of "catching up" here's are a few things I've discovered since my last post...

4 hours spent cleaning the family car only lasts until the first child gets in....

I love NYC... who knew? 
I went for business and was all by myself but loved it and definitley going back with my hubby!

My "wild man" Isaiah calms to almost standstill when you give him crayons and paper....


and we think he is pretty good for just turning 4...

All kids lie, and some in the midst of incriminating evidence...

The more I fly, the less I enjoy it.

Elijah will behave all day- to earn a AA battery for a reward
(his new $1 yard sale remote motorcycle takes 7.... and run out quickly)

Isaiah has more fashion drama then his mommy ever has thought about!

Neigborhood friends are great- sometimes.

I am not intimidated by people's judgements on my life and parenting - I'm over 40 :)

Raising a teenage son is so much more difficult than I would ever have dreamed!. 
Missing him is too.  

I am still in love, MORE in love with Rexxy than I was 24 years ago :)

and thankfully, I have re-dsicovered that my God is faithful, He gives Wisdom for the asking and had a purpose when He told us to 


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