Thursday, May 20, 2010


They say there is nothing like a good cry.  Must be true, because there sure is a lot of it in the Allen household.
There is crying over:

who gets to turn the TV off

          who gets to rock first

the latest and greatest romantic comedy

DIRTY green basketball shorts   

the frustration over failure

         cutting onions

dropping scrambled eggs on the floor

over laughing too hard

and of course, crying over spilt milk.

There is crying over having to share, and not being shared with.  Crying over bee stings and skinned knees.  Crying over the last juice box, and not getting the first hug. Crying over 1 cookie and not two, and soda in a cup instead of soda in a can.  Crying because it isn't church day, and then crying because it's church day and not school day.  Sometimes, we cry because we are just so happy about something.  You name it, and it has been cried over. 

I personally have enjoyed crying for decades.  It was the one true release for me, when I felt the world was crashing in.  So, I guess it's only fair that my family enjoys it too.  Yes sirreee, we don't believe in wasting or saving up tears.  If they don't fall today, they might not get a chance tomorrow, right? 

Some days, it seems as if my kids wake up crying, and go to bed crying. (and even sometimes they are still crying in the night.)  I call it my "symphony of tears"  Now, E. cries because he can't quit crying.  yes, you read that right. 

I heard once that God saves all our tears in a bottle.  I don't know if I believe that (I haven't actually seen it in scripture, so I'm open to it)  but if that is true, the 5ALLLENZ must have a pantry full of gallon jugs full of tears.  I can't just blame it on my kids,  I still enjoy a good cry myself. 

Some days, you just need one, right. So don't be shy- cry.  And the next time you hear somebody say, "Cry me a River"  tell them you know a family that just might have that covered:)

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