Saturday, May 22, 2010

Simple Saturday

Today, was good!

First, we got to sleep until 8:24 am (ok, so we woke up about 4 times before this, but we did get to keep dozing without little people at our door until 8:24)

Then, I did some laundry (turns out about 5 loads today)

Elijah helped his daddy mow....

in the rain.

My little dinosaur watched Ernie Haus and Signature Sound while I cleaned the kitchen - and he rode the couch.

Shayne, my little pyromaniac started a fire in the firepit, and he and Rex relaxed while it rained some more.

They pouted.

Rested up after their naps, a shoot-out in the soggy back yard.  Christopher their new friend watched. 

The dinosaur returns- "must play in mud"

Family Movie Night and Make your own pizza...

Even the teens got into it- creations included "K" and cheese-filled crusts

Lots of toppings to choose from- yummy!

This is goood pizza!

We watched The Spy Next Door, Elijah & Isaiah learned some new moves and then to bed for them.  Shayne, Phillip & Jacob are still going strong. My honey is sleeping sound next to me.  It's a little after 11pm, and after a dose of NyQuil, this mom is calling it a day.

A good day!  A Simple Saturday.

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