Monday, May 31, 2010


Sunday lunch at Canes & Walkers (K&W for those who aren't familiar with Shayne's nickname)

LOOK Mommy

Isaiah exclaimed- pointing behind me

at that boy

he's like us

      Yes, he is like you I replied

excitedly, he's tries to get out his thoughts...

he's br...; he's bl... he's Gray!

I laughed-

Isaiah got embarrassed and hid his face in my shoulder

I hug him and explain that I am not laughing at him- I try explain that what he said was cute (he's 4, remember)

I tell him it made my heart happy, so I laughed

Isaiah smiles...

Again, I notice the African American woman who had been glaring at us the entire time we were eating our lunch and couldn't help but think that maybe she needs some gray in her life.

Gray is good!

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