Thursday, April 22, 2010

One of those days

When I woke up the second time at 7:15 am instead of my normal 5:30 am I should've stayed in bed; but then I would have missed out on...

The mad dash to get me and 3 boys ready for school and out the door in 2 hours less time than normal

a horrible day at work

Getting to meet my husband on 460 after our blazer decided to stop running in the middle of the road

Rushing to the bank

Rushing back to work after making sure my husband and blazer was safely towed to our house

Finding out a friend lost his job

Discovering the warranty on the suspected malfunctioning part on the blazer repaired 6 months ago expired 3 weeks ago

Birthday and grocery shopping with preschoolers-
     opening back of van to put purchases away to reveal Isaiah's birthday bike that was hidden there

Impressing my preschoolers that I was magic and managed to get Elijah's new bike from the garage into the van without them seeing me -

Excitement to see the car wash with NO line for the first time in weeks; paying for car wash and then scraping side of van on the bumper/money machine on the way into the car wash

       at least any damage is not visible in the dark- will see in the morning if it is worse than I think

good conversation with Shayne and my boys who were all in all fairly well behaved

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