Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's official- we are old(er)!

So I was excited about tonight.  So much so, that even though I couldn't find the paper with today's date and time on it- I had put it somewhere safe.... I remembered what tonight was. 

Kindergarten Information Meeting
Burlington Elementary School

My Elijah is registered and starts Kindergarten in the fall. 

Me and Rex like to call tonight a date night- no dinner or movie but it was 1 hour kid free, so we celebrate that anytime.  We arrived right on time- 7:04 pm.  Can you believe they had already started the meeting?

Anyway, as I stood at the door to sign us in, I heard the principal ask "How many of you, this is your oldest child starting kindergarten this fall"  I didn't need to see the hands- she immediately said with excitement- Oh, I think that's everyone of you.   That was the first clue...

We went in to find a seat and the presentation continued.  I was having a hard time concentrating- I kept looking around the room at the "parents"  oh my sooooo young they were.  And can you believe some of those moms had freshly applied makeup.  Do they not know that made me look bad? 

And the dads- had they just come from the gym or what?  Where was their wisdom?  (that's belly fat for anyone who hasn't attended an Anita Renfroe concert)   I looked down at my new wisdom, and then at my dishoveled beloved.  That was the second clue....

I tried to pay attention:
  • Supplies- yep put their name on it
  • Extra clothes- always a good idea
  • Needs a beach towell not a bed sized blanket
  • Needs to be able to write their name - he can
  • Some will cry- mine will  
  • Some will throw tantrums-oh yea, mine will
  • Tardy after 7:55 am - uh-oh...
  • The wonderful daily folder- I hate that folder.  It looks like it has been chewed up, wadded up, and wrinkled in places never inteded by the 10th day of school; and this perfectionist partial OCD mom has to put up with it for the next 9 months... oh, sorry  rabbit trail.
Anyway, a cute little video played with pictures in the background- what a day at Kindergarten is like with cute little kids doing cute little things.  It is fun and exciting and I am anxious for Elijah to experience all those fun things.  I even thought about what fun we could have on the field trips and how he WILL let me come have lunch with him.  Those youngin's in there think they'll get to have lunch with their kids forever but I know that ends.    I'm not allowed near Northside between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm just in case I would give the false illusion I was there to have lunch with a student (I can't mention names here to protect the innocent)

Then, it was Q&A- That was the final clue....

  • How long is nap time? 
    • As the teacher explained that it would get shorter as the year went on- now most days they really just put their heads down for a short while.  (I heard the dad say to the cute mom with perfect hair- "we should wean him off his nap"  NO, don't do it- you've got a good three months left of naps.. you'll be sorrrrrry.
  • If we pack his lunch, should I use a cold pack- (only if you want stuff to stay cold) 
  • Can they ride the school bus?  Of course- everybody has the first day of Kindergarten school bus picture don't they?

Such good questions especially for first timers, but Rex cut right to the chase..
His question- you guessed it-

How do you handle discipline in your classroom?

Yes, this mom and dad have been around and as hard as it is to accept, we understand that our sweet little angels are not perfect.  We know that the end of the day- lost scissors, short naps or hot cheese sandwiches pale in comparison to whether or not they earned a star. And, I have had many a conversation about "just why didn't that star get put on that index card"  

I've been told that I may have a reputation for being one of those moms

And you know what, I'll take that label.  I am one of those moms!  I've been around for a while, and I do have some experience.  And nobody is going to fight for and defend my boys like me and their Daddy. 

So, watch out Burlington- these old(er) parents are coming, and we can't wait to get back into Kindergarten!

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  1. Hehehe so funny. You would fit right in with Audrey's peers' parents. We are the youngest BY FAR. All of her little church friends' parents are a good 10-15 years older than us- AT LEAST.


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