Saturday, April 24, 2010

Isaiah is Four.....

Just like with big brother Elijah, I didn't know too much about Isaiah's "birth day" until recently. 

Isaiah was born at Community Hospital - Roanoke Valley

April 24, 2006
10:12 AM
he weighed 7 lb. 4 1/2 ounces
was 19 1/2 inches long

I learned alot about his first days of life that makes me sad- but I am so thankful that those days are done and God brought him to us October 23, 2006. 

Here is one of our first pictures of Zita - (Elijah couldn't say Isaiah when he first started talking, in case you were wondering about the nick-name)

He looks so big in the pictures, but was actually scrawny (in the photo above- the shirt was a 0-3 months size)

He is rough, and tough and determined and we say all the time that he is just like Shayne
who he refers to as "bubby" 
which Shayne loves (not)
Isaiah thinks Shayne hung the moon. 
He looked like Mr. T and laughed like woody woodpecker.  He drooled ALL the time. 

Today, Isaiah

loves to wear his green basketball shorts

likes cheeseburges and french fries from McDonalds- but is very specific that he wants the cheese, and the round thing, but not the red stuff on it. 

pouts by hanging his head, dropping his shoulders and saying "okaaaay" on his way to a corner somewhere

doesn't like the dark, having dreams or nighttime in general

has become "shy"

chooses "Diet Coke" as his beverage of choice--- that's my boy

likes to brush his hair and frizz it up

loves to put on multiple pairs of socks to play "soccer ball"

(these are what I pulled off of his feet today to get him dressed for the birthday party- really!)

has to have at least 3 hugs and 3 kisses before he will lay down to go to sleep

is calmest when he colors- which he does very well

loves to watch his favorite movie which is the "Wizardofaaaaah"

can turn anything into a drum

blushes when he sees "Gabby" and flirts with older women....

Likes Go Dog Go

Is wide open from early am (usually between 5:30 & 6) until he is asleep - by 10pm if we are lucky :) 

For his birthday, he got a new bike & helmet (which he found in the garage this morning before I could wrap it) and a Mickey sword from Shayne (yes, exactly the same as Elijah)

(note the green basketball shorts- again)

and his requested birthday dinner- hot dogs

but he was just too tired to clean his plate - birthday's are hard work you know!

Have I mentioned how blessed I am to be Isaiah's mommy?  Happy Birthday baby- Love you!

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