Monday, April 19, 2010

Elijah is 5...

Today is Elijah's birthday. 

This birthday is the first one that I knew anything about his "birth" day.  That information wasn't made available to us until we signed the adoption papers.  I think its because they are afraid that some people may back out if they actually know the truth about the beginnings for their adopted kids.

What we learned- that I'll share- about Elijah's birth day is:

He was: 

born at 3:45 a.m.
weighed 8 lb. 4 3/4 oz.
was 20 1/2 inches long

he had two older sisters at the time and left the hospital to return 3 days later- his first visit to the ER for shortness of breath and congestion.  He would return to the ER several times during the first year of his life. 

I don't have pictures of that day or his first birthday, which still makes me very sad. 

I do know everything about him since 10/23/06- when he joined our world.  This is how he looked at 18 months old.

Today,  Elijah is.....

Full of life- and laughter (when he is really happy, his smile swallows his eyes and his cheeks look like they will burst)

loves the color orange

very polite and mannerly

still says "lasterday" for yesterday

prefers chocolate milk over soda

consistent in his choice of chicken nugget and french fries as his favorite food

concerned about why his friends are sometimes mean to him

just can't help but to move and dance to the beat of music, any music

loves to help clean and do chores

can sit down and play the drums as if he has been taking lessons for years

refuses to let a point go (he really is my son)  

he loves his big brother Shayne- and still thinks it's his job to protect his little brother Isaiah

he requested pancakes and sausage for his birthday dinner

received a Mickey sword from Shayne, a new bike from Mommy & Daddy and a bike helmet from Pappaw Parks & Mammaw Barbara

and as much as he likes his new bike- he was more concerned that Isaiah was having a meltdown that it wasn't his birthday yet- so he graciously shared...

He weighs 46 lbs and is 45 inches tall

He is an amazing little boy who has brought great joy to our family

How blessed are we?  VERY.

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